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Why Ecommerce Companies should be Interested in Google’s Product Placement

Written By SEO Team

Have you gone to Google.com lately? Of Course you have. Did you find something missing? Alright, you might have missed it.



Remember these Ads that were displayed on the right side of the search result page?

Google has eliminated them.

Yes! You heard that right. Google has eliminated the Sidebar Ads from its Search result page. But  Google has also come up with something really great to offer. I am writing this blog to explain you how does this recent change by the Search Engine Giant will influence the world of Ecommerce.

Make way for Product Placement

“Product Placement” when I heard it first, I instantly thought of E-Commerce, and I was RIGHT.



There are millions of e commerce websites in the Digital Marketplace and if you too have one or more there, then brace yourselves for complying with the Product Placement. I will explain this with an example. Have you noticed in movies or Ad Films, the focus character is shown using a product of a particular brand in an important situation (from the character’s point of view).

What does it mean?


It is to get maximum and repeated attention of the viewer, who also happens to be the customer. And I am saying this from my experience, it works. Google has a similar technique. The difference is, in place of the character there is Google’s search results. And instead of ‘any’ particular brand, it can be your brand.


The Paid ads in the search result page are still there. but on the right side what you will now see is products related to your search arranged in a grid. The user and your potential customer who has plans for shopping will pass by everything he/she wants to buy and this is for billions of users out there.

How will you take Advantage?


In order to take advantage of this change you need to implement double check strategy for Ad practices which you are following currently.  Without a definitive strategy you cannot expect that your Ads will appear on the first page or during the searches related to your products. This is just a hint at what can go wrong about your Ad strategies. Just the tip of the Ad management iceberg.


Think of the thousand different ways your users might search for the items you’re website(s) is selling. What keywords are they most likely to use products? Want to know more? Reach out to us with your queries and suggestions.