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Why Keyword Research is the Lifeline of SEO

Written By SEO Team

90 percent of the online users utilize search engines to find some data or information for one or the other thing(s). They do this by typing the words or phrases in the search bar. As they hit the search key, the complex algorithms of the search engine crawl through numerous web pages and displays the result page. How do you make sure that your name is on the result page?

SEO and Internet Marketing

  • SEO has done everything it could do to make blogging less interesting, but when it comes to blogging as a profession, there is nothing more important than SEO.
  • Keyword research is Step #1 for any Internet Marketing campaign and our Google certified SEO experts make sure that it is done with precision and aim for perfection.
  • In this blog I will be briefly talking about the importance of keyword research and how Ubersuggest can be the easiest approach for getting keyword suggestion.

Keyword Selection

  • At Paton Marketing, we believe that in the post Panda SEO world, the simplest and most effective way to dominate your industry niche is writing for your niche. The next step must be to brainstorm and find at least 50 blog ideas and start developing quality content.
  • Your keywords selection will directly affect your online traffic and more traffic means more visitors, more visitors means more customers, and finally more customers means more profit.
  • Keyword research holds a paramount importance in the ¬†world of Search engine Optimization and is being extensively used by businesses around the world to get profitable traffic.

The Platform: UberSuggest is one of the best free tools for keywoprd research and I believe there is every reason that you should use it. Ubersuggest is the brainwork of an Italian SEO guy, and is used for getting keyword suggestion.

Easiest of All

It is quite simple to use Ubersuggest. You enter the niche in the search bar, and hit enter. You will see a long list of keywords and keyword phrases suggested by the Ubersuggest. That is it. Now you possess a long list of the top searched keywords by the users in terms of your niche. SEO professionals rely heavily on these keywords for generating organic traffic. Ubersuggest is quite easy and simple to use which makes it a favourite in the keyword research field.


One thing that our SEO professionals follow is that Ubersuggest and other similar tools can only provide us a list of keywords. This does not necessarily guarantees that your website will get ranked. It is like the artillery given to the soldiers, and it is on the soldier to utilize it in a manner to win the war. Here to get rankings. Thus utilization of keywords needs more consideration than their research.