Top Google Ranking Tips 2015

Why linking will remain an Essential Factor for Ranking

Written By SEO Team

Till now we have been talking about the various factors that determine the ranking of a website on the search engines. We have also discussed which keywords and specific searches will help you get more traffic on your websites, in great detail.


We have been following Google’s history, it has done a lot to improve the user experience on the Internet. With its early breakthroughs in PageRank, it helped us to apply the hyperlink-based structure of the Internet to arrive at accurate answers. This strategy has performed equally well for the searches that we had never thought about, and became better as the web progressed.

Google’s Announcement

Google, the number one search engine giant announced that they are using RankBrain artificial intelligence system to address a lot of queries. They have made it clear that RankBrain is the most important ranking factor, which is superior to the link-based ranking elements of the conventional algorithms.

What does it mean?

Now, to understand the exact meaning of Google’s statement, you need to be good at interpreting PR statements – which is something our team has been doing since the time of our inception in the Digital market. We believe, now that Google has made the announcement, it will reflect in the strategies of all the leading Internet Marketers SEO strategies.


I am sharing with you my vision for Google’s RankBrain system and what I think will be the future of the link and link related metrics.

  • RankBrain will definitely use the the data from links and link related metrics like PageRank. Moreover, it will continue to rank those pages high that were already at the top on the basis of the link-based metrics.
  • I believe that Google’s technical workforce has been constantly involved in running tests from the past so many years, with an objective to find a substitute for the link-based ranking data. These tests must have been done on the different factors like – number of users, user engagement, social data, etc. I doubt that if they have succeeded.
  • I can say this because the social data is not easy to access, accumulate and interpret. Especially when the data is scattered and most of it belongs to Facebook. And in case of usage, it can only show you the present preferences, it cannot help in the evaluation of a new page.  


The major focus is on the reducing the dependence on the human tweaked algorithms, but the link system will become a major source of information for RankBrain itself. Right now, RankBrain is being referred to as the third most important factor in rank determination and all the ideas that I have shared are well thought out assumptions.