Why you should use Google Analytics for your SEO campaign

Written By SEO Team

Google has been the number one Search engine for so many years now. It has grown to be a Search Engine giant because of its constant evolution. Apart from its many different uses, it is most extensively used for searching. Almost everything. But Google itself is always searching for something. And that something is the methods by which it can further improve it User interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). It constantly thrives for achieving better than before.

It has periodically changed its search algorithms to stop unethical SEO practices and eliminate the possibility of spamming. Google penalizes websites for duplicate content, which further improves the User Experience.

Not only has Google developed newer platforms for creating stuff, but it has also designed the tools for measuring the value of this stuff or the efforts made in the field of website and search engine optimization.

Google Analytics

One such tool, is Google Analytics. This is a must for the SEO world as long as they want to do some real work. The tool is free and anyone with an internet connection can use it. It is essentially used for tracking the data which describes the reason for which the people who are visiting your site use it or interact with it.

SEO Significance

In our SEO (search engine optimization) campaigns, our team uses Google Analytics to do a lot of things. We already talked in our previous blog, about the importance of keywords. They are like a lifeline to the SEO world.

Key Benefits

Google Analytics is a wonderful tool to measure the performance of each keyword. You can get the exact information about the traffic that each keyword is drawing to your website. With the help of Google Analytics, you can explore a network of information that you probably never knew about the people visiting your website.

Here are some key benefits of using Google Analytics:

  1. It is free. Though the tool is free, yet it provides equal and in some cases even more features in comparison to the other paid tools.
  1. You will know that exactly how your visitors are locating your website.
  1. Apart from getting information about the keywords that bring visitors to your site, Google Analytics will provide you with the keywords that your visitors are typing to reach your site.
  2. You will be able to make alterations in your websites.

The Analytics report will help you in implementing changes in your website to fix the pages with new copywriting so that the conversion rate for the specific page increases. It will be a great value addition to your project and would definitely bring more customers. I strongly recommend the use of Google Analytics and the assistance of an expert SEO team.