What Happens When You Hire the Wrong Digital Marketing Agency?

You’ll continue to play the digital marketing guessing game with your money.

What you’re saying may not be what people are hearing – Worse yet, you might be on the wrong digital platform? As long as your message is confusing – your business is losing.

What You Should Look for When Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency?

It’s important that the agency you hire has a proven track record of successfully managing paid and earned media campaigns. In today’s digital world, you must be strategic when developing your digital footprint. We’ve identified the “5 Biggest Mistakes When Hiring A Digital Agency”


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We Take The Guesswork Out of Digital Marketing!

Solve Your Marketing Problems

We understand that a successful roadmap to Digital Marketing can seem confusing. It can be difficult and frustrating to know where to invest money and who to trust. You deserve to remain focused on your core business and true passion in life. Here’s what life can look like when you entrust Paton Marketing to StoryBrand Your Digital Roadmap.

Your Digital Brand in Trusted Hands

Paton Marketing understands that organizations face confusing, painful choices when it comes to digital marketing, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses add clarity to their message and guide their digital strategy to reach customers and grow revenue.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies build a successful digital roadmap over the past ten+ years. We’re seasoned experts at SEO, Web Development, Branding, Content Development, Paid Media, Social Media, Public Affairs, Online Reputation Management, Mobile Apps and Data Collection. Most importantly, we never stop learning and enhancing our digital craft. When it comes to story and digital marketing, we get it.

How do we do it all? It’s simple, we invested in Hubspot & StoryBrand to help our customers solve problems. We invest in people each day + software platforms that use efficient words to reach your target audience. Narrative storytelling meets automated marketing. Mobile first, lead conversion that builds lasting relationships with customers.

Allow us to earn your trust by taking the guesswork out of digital marketing. Together, we’ll use compelling words to offer your customers a clear call to action. Let’s turn browsers into buyers and put you right where you want to be – in charge of your own digital destiny.

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Earned and Paid Media Plan

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