Why Video?

We’ve all heard the expression “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Well if that is true, imagine how many words a Video is worth. We are living now in an era of “person to person” connectivity. Probably this is attributed to the explosion of Social Media. Newspapers have disappeared. Book stores are hurting. Certainly text (words) still matter, but now we all yearn for more personal interactions.

Video Marketing has created business relationships unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Do your customers or clients want to see you, hear your voice, meet your team, see your office or facility, and more importantly, take a look at your values, your personality, your professionalis? The answer is a resounding yes! Words alone won’t tell your story.

Imagine if you’re a family attorney dealing with sensitive and complex issues arising in a divorce…a potential client is searching online for an attorney who shows empathy and compassion, especially if there are children involved. There’s nothing like a video on the homepage of your website to connect online with that prospective client. This is but one example. No matter your business, a video will tell your story to strangers who are looking for someone or something special. Can you think of a better lead generation tool? I can’t.

At Paton Marketing, we have an “in house” video team with multiple capabilities. We can do full day or half day shoots, on site or anywhere. We’ll suggest animation, voiceover, props, if needed, and script writing. Our team can handle all your video needs.

And, we’ll share with you the value of promotional and interactive videos as well.

At Paton, our goal is to ensure you have the highest online visibility that will help you grow your business. We’ve been doing it for more than a decade. Looking forward to doing it for you.

Different Types of Videos We Can Produce for Your Business

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