The key to any successful digital marketing campaign starts with taking the “guesswork” out of the process. For years, this was how it’s been done. Sure it worked because because fooling Google was easy.

You Can’t Fool Google any more.

Brandstoming is a collaborative process with the Paton team and our clients. Takes several hours of a “deep dive” into who you are. Your business model. Your likes and dislikes. Your target audience. Yes, buyer personas….and so much more.

The end result is the “content strategy”, the most important component for success.

Welcome to Brandstoming!

Brand Builder

Building your brand online means creating an online reputation. SEO isn’t just about being found with keywords. It’s about being dominant online with your brand. Video….Press Releases….Images….Review.

People are going to look for positive information about your brand in order to make a decision about you…..or, will they prefer your competitors?

At Paton Marketing we’ll show you how to build your online brand and to dominate the search engines work meaningful content.

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