Lead Generation

What is a lead?

Whether you’re an Attorney, a Doctor, an Accountant, or an online retailer, leads have something in common. They are “connections” between prospective customers and clients who are looking for your services or products.

The Internet is the driving force that brings buyers and sellers together. Most of us probably take it for granted these days, as we navigate on our phones looking for everything from restaurants to professional services to basically buying everything we need.

Is there competition for leads? Yes! Being found online is not automatic. It requires a plan of action. Here at Paton Marketing, for more than a decade, we have been helping businesses to generate leads. Lead generation requires a knowledge of how the search engines work and how one company can have more visibility than another. Digital Marketing is highly strategic and if you are looking to generate leads, you need to understand the value of building your brand, having a content strategy, and knowing and understanding who your competitors are….and what they are doing. Yes, we can help here.

Organic versus paid for lead generation. Here is where you need expertise to understand and evaluate your competition. Highly competitive search terms can take considerable time to achieve rankings. We “spy” on the competition and our tech team evaluates the projection of how long it might take for good rankings and visibility. Here is where the option of “paid” search comes into play. As an example, Adwords is offered by Google as a means to get instantaneous results. Of course you pay Google for this opportunity. Costs vary depending upon the competitive nature of the terms. Often referred to as “pay per click”, this strategy can bring immediate leads. Our expert team in Adwords manages can help you determine if this option is best for you.

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