Cold Call Email Marketing

You’ll get positive responses. Might be worth a try!

There was a time when salespeople would spend hours dialing phone numbers, with hopes of striking up a relationship with a prospect.

The days of cold calling are thankfully over. It has been replaced by emailing and can be extremely effective – when done correctly.

At Paton Marketing, we’ll purchase the right list and develop a creative and compelling message and we’ll deliver it in a way that bypasses spam alerts and avoids the dreaded junk folder.

What Is Quality Score?

Quality Score is Google’s measure of how relevant a keyword is. As soon as Google has enough data, keywords in an advertiser’s account are assigned a score between 1 and 10, with 10 being the best.

This number is a representation of the aggregate relevance of the keyword across the many auctions in which it participates. It is meant to guide advertisers but it is not used to rank ads. While the 1-10 number helps advertisers gauge how good a job they are doing at choosing the right keywords, writing good ads, and driving users to helpful landing pages, it’s the real-time Quality Score that really matters.

You deservea clear ROI for your hard-earned online advertising dollars. Let Paton Marketing earn your trust by taking the guesswork out of digital marketing.

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