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It's Brandstorming!

The internet has continued to evolve and the “old and traditional” strategies just won’t work any more. Our team is at the forefront, and keeping pace with the rapidly changing technological environment. This is “cutting edge” and will strategically grow your online brand and visibility. Gone are the days of “guesswork” when it comes to marketing.

What is Brandstorming?

It’s a collaborative exercise between you, our client, and members of the Paton team. The goals and objectives are clear. We learn about your business model. Together we “zero in” on your brand and its values, its personality, vision, likes and dislikes, and most importantly we collectively identify your audience by researching and developing “buyer personas”. These personas help our team to understand your “target users”. And then… “content rules” the world of digital marketing, we develop a “content strategy “.

Brandstorming never ends…It’s a “live” and ongoing process intended to grow your brand and enhance the growth of your business. Our team is ready to begin. Let’s schedule your first Brandstorming meeting now, and begin the process to partner with you and to bring your team into the Paton Marketing family.

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