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Your website is the watchtower of your brand. Simplicity works and brevity is the art form. Today, people scan websites more than they read them. Calls to action and testimonials matter. Video engagement and user analytics carry the day. You don’t have time to confuse the viewer, get to the point of how to do business with your brand. Let Paton Marketing’s veteran technology team guide you towards a clear and effective website whether you’re a retail brand, a start-up or a 100% e-commerce driven company.

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We’ve built successful websites for 11 years across major platforms and provide technical support 24/7.

We support WordPress, Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento and offer e-commerce stores, web analytics, payment and billing services, CRM/email management, membership systems and API integration.

Hosting, Security & Maintenance

  • Private Hosting and Maintenance Services 
  • Fast, dedicated hosting, secure, automatic back-ups, site software updates
  • Sites feature responsive design for mobile, tablets, or other devices
  • Built in SEO features for fast site load and accessibility to search engines 
  • Clients can easily edit/update information on their website 
  • Content creation including custom video, graphic design, and photography

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Ronnie Tenser - Dermamode

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