In this article, we learn how to use paid marketing channels to boost your brand presence and awareness, draw targeted traffic and increase your revenue. .

Any and all businesses need exposure—visibility among their targeted customers to thrive and survive. Marketing and advertising are tried and tested formulas for achieving such visibility in the digital sphere.

Here in Florida, the state with the 4th largest GDP in the country, there are 2.5 million small businesses which account for 99.8% of all businesses in the state. But research finds that almost 28% of small businesses do not even have a website. So if you don’t have a website, that’s step 1. Once your site is live, it’s time to drive qualified leads to it.

What is paid marketing?

Paid marketing is a digital marketing strategy used by a brand or a business to buy visibility and sustain a presence on the web. Most of your website traffic is directed from search engine results. A study has found that two-thirds of all clicks go to the first five results. If that is the case, unless your website is SEO optimised, your customers may never find you.

Paying to feature at the top of the results may be your only chance at visibility. It’s the fastest way to generate traffic to your website.

What are the benefits?

As mentioned earlier, paid marketing offers enhanced and immediate visibility on the internet for your business or brand. It also promises the following benefits:

  • Building a strong brand awareness digital campaign
    Targeted reach of niche customers/specific audience
    Enhanced engagement with customers
    Means of measuring and tracking the success of the campaign
    Immediate results
    Increased flow of traffic to websites

Paid marketing offers support for your marketing campaign and buys you time until organic traffic reaps results.

Paid Advertising to Increase Your Sales2

Types of paid marketing services

Let’s dive into the five most important types of paid marketing services:

  • Search marketing

Search marketing is when businesses pay to feature at the top of the search engine results page. Google Ads is a leading tool for SEM. The paid results are tagged as Ads in the Google SERP to differentiate from the organic search results.

67.60% of all website traffic has been attributed to organic and paid search results. By tailoring the keywords, being location-specific, improving quality score, and using supplementary campaigns like PPC(Pay-per-click) businesses can make the most out of SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

45% of small business owners rely on PPC advertising, so using keywords like PPC services in Miami will fetch better results.

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  • Social media marketing

The influence of social media in digital marketing is a no-brainer. It provides direct and immediate access to customers and potential prospects. Platforms like Facebook go a step further in offering ad performance research, targeted ads, and studying the in-depth performance of ads based on user interests.

  • Retargeting

Retargeting involves hyper-targeting of old and loyal customers by using their search history and preferences. The click-through rates of retargeted ads are 0.7% whereas regular ads have a CTR of 0.07%. For example, retargeting ads also help in the reducing abandoned cart phenomenon by targeting the customers and offering special prices or reduced prices to induce purchase.

  • Display marketing

Display marketing is visual objects like banners, images, and graphic texts that are placed on the screen. Similar to billboards, the visual element easily grabs the attention of the customer. A successful strategy includes catchy graphics with a relevant call to action.

Since these ads are clickable objects, businesses have to design appropriate landing pages to retain the interest of the oncoming traffic.

  • Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing involves roping in an influencer with considerable followers that overlap with your target audience, to promote your brand, services, or products.

Social media has given rise to a number of influencers who have a loyal and trustworthy follower count of thousands. But be sure to choose a legitimate and relevant influencer for your brand. For B2B influencers, go with a trusted industry expert to promote your brand.

Paid Advertising to Increase Your Sales1

Tips to increase your sales with paid marketing

  • Write clear, direct, and relevant calls to action to attract and guide the users to your website. Place them in intuitive positions for best results.
  • Mobile phones are attributing to most of the traffic so much so that Google has been punishing organic results with no mobile-friendly versions. Take a hint and audit your website for desktop and mobile use.
  • Optimise your website content for search engine results. Also since most of your call-to-actions link back to your homepage, ensure that the landing page is designed visually attractive. Your website must also be user-friendly with increased readability. Enlist the services of web design agencies for expert help.
  • Make use of the latest trends, changes, and seasonal behavior to make your marketing campaign relevant and informed.
    While using images, try to include high-quality images and rich text format for a superior experience.
  • Writing ad copies should keep in mind the fleeting attention of the customer in mind. Using the same brand color, tone, and voice will make your repeat customers identify it. This boosts the customer retention rate as repetitive marketing helps in the furthering of unconscious brand awareness.
  • While selling ecommerce, add shoppable posts on social media. For an ecommerce PPC campaign, tweak your page with keywords like ecommerce PPC services Miami or ecommerce PPC agency Miami to feature in location-based results.
    If using video ads, ensure that they are intelligible even without the audio. Annoying and loud ads can lend brands to be perceived as repulsive and tone-deaf.
  • A/B test your ads before releasing them. This involves releasing two versions to separate audiences and measuring their performance. This helps to identify what works best with which audience.
  • Use social media to the maximum as it is one of the direct ways of communicating with your audience. As the attention toward brands is growing, it is important to ensure that the engagement is planned and approved to avoid repercussions.

A well-planned and concerted paid ad campaign can reap results by attracting new traffic as well as customer retention. This expansion of the customer base brings huge dividends in the form of sales. Enlist the support of paid advertising services in Miami for boosting the growth of your business.

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