Impact of Tags on Google Rankings

Meta tags are essential to search engine optimization and your Google ranking. Meta tags are little snippets of content that help describe what your webpage is about to the search engine. Websites are designed strategically to optimize the content that the users are reading and help them navigate through the website itself. Tags are an additional fundamental way to help users navigate through.

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Video Marketing Strategies 101

If you’re reading this, then you most likely know how important video marketing is for your business, right? If so, then you know that users enjoy more engaging and visual content nowadays, so just having written content won’t be enough to capture their attention in 2021.

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How Effective is Video Marketing?

So, let’s say you find yourself wanting to add something new to spice up your content strategy to boost traffic flow? Well, what if we told you that you could do precisely that with video marketing? Yup, that’s correct! 

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Benefits of Outsourcing Your Video Marketing

Video marketing is a very effective tool to utilize in your marketing strategy. Whether you run a small, medium, or large size business, video marketing is time-consuming. From producing the video to editing it to adding sound effects, visuals and captions can be a complex and lengthy process. Sometimes you just want to outsource your video to a video marketing firm to put your mind at ease. If this is the case, contact us at Paton Marketing to connect with one of our video marketing experts. 

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