Growing a business is not an easy task with the tremendous competition companies have to face these days. But what if you had a tool that was so persuasive and powerful, that it could help you make waves in your industry, online?

Social Media channels love Video!

One of the biggest reasons to choose video marketing is that video is a recommended format on most social media channels. In fact, social media algorithms actively push videos up on the feed, while suppressing wordy content to an extent. This enables your video content to be found faster.

Combine video with the right hashtags, and you can very quickly push your content to the top of the most watched reels or TikTok list.

Video marketing can help you bring your brand to life

For most people, brands are just names or logos, until they have an actual experience with them. This experience happens by creating an emotional connection. But without a personal conversation, it’s difficult to have that emotional connection. This is when video comes into play. Video marketing will allow you to showcase who you are, what type of personality you have and how your service or product can help solve problems. . Through a simple video, you can tap into the empathetic and kind nature of most viewers and encourage them to engage with you.

Video marketing - business growth

Video marketing allows you to show people what they gain by buying from you!

While blogs and social media posts can definitely help you describe your products and services better, videos are actually much more effective because they show the product/service in action. Through different video formats (such as YouTube videos or Instagram Reels, etc.) you can show different aspects of product/service design, manufacturing, quality testing, packing, transport, and receipt by customers. That way your prospects will know what they gain by choosing you over your competitors.

Video marketing can help you prove the versatility of your product/service.

What better way than video, to show how your product/service can be used in different use cases? You can make a TikTok video or a YouTube short, to quickly show off the various features of your offering and how versatile the product/service actually is.

Plus, the benefit of video is that it allows for more directed/targeted lead generation and engagement. You show your prospects the various ways in which your product/service can be used. This way, you allow people who are actively or passively seeking such a product to engage with you and learn about what you’re offering.

In fact, placing a single demo video on a landing page can be more effective in generating conversions than having a detailed pillar post describing a particular use case.

Video marketing

Video marketing helps you elicit the desired emotional response in audiences

To grow your business, you need to make sure that your one-time buyer becomes a long-time client. The only way this is possible is to get the prospect emotionally invested in your brand. Nothing does this better than a video.

It is much easier to translate emotions and experiences on the screen, in actions, and through facial expressions, than it is through words. You can create a video that mimics the life story of the audience and show how your brand/product/service can help them. By triggering powerful emotions such as fear, sorrow, anger, and joy and then positioning your brand as the solution/savior, you can make your brand more memorable. This can increase the potential of quick recall whenever they want to replenish/repurchase the type of product/service you sell.

Video marketing is one of the few digital marketing tools that you can start for little or no investment. . For example, it is completely free to start your own YouTube channel or create your own TikTok videos or Instagram videos.

Video marketing offers tremendous SEO potential

Videos generally have closed captions that you create or subtitles that are generated automatically by platforms like YouTube. Now you can use closed captions, the video description and even tags, for SEO.

A smartly placed URL to a landing page, a trending tag and a keyword-rich description or CC, can increase the findability of your video. Even alt tags are great because they make your video more accessible to a diverse audience group. If video is not a part of your marketing plan, you should make every attempt to ensure it is as we enter 2023.

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