Ecommerce abandon is a phenomenon that connects customer behaviours on the verge of checking out via an ecommerce website. When customers visit an ecommerce online store to purchase on desired item or the other; a lot of them end up not finishing their order transactions minutes before leaving off the platform. In some abandon cases, prospects already developed interest in a commodity, added it to shopping cart but fails to check out …

  • Either by paying for the items with their credit and debit cards
  • By paying with other options to include bank transfer
  • By insisting on Pay on Delivery method for personal reasons
  • Or by canceling the order proposed.

The few mystery and question every ecommerce audit asks is, how and what are the reasons for the abandon? Quite mind boggling, could it be that my customers came across the same product in another online store, could it be that my customer changed his mind, could it be that the customers realized it was more expensive that its seams etc. If it was you, am sure you would also ask few questions and what the causes could be. Since the situation does not give room for customers opinions etc, and even if there was, a lot of customers don’t have the motivation to do so.

Research and findings has pinpointed a few reasons why ecommerce abandon is prevalent almost on all online platforms. However, if yours is getting frustratingly higher by the day, these below outlined measures would effect a massive difference in as little 30 days of implementing them.

Audit the front end of your Checkout page

Weight this pages against top Competitors and do better

Redesign front Page is possible