HOLLYWOOD – This month, leaders in the digital marketing sector will converge at Google’s campus in San Francisco for the search engine’s Elevator Program. Participants were selected by Google based on applications and then invited for two days of on-site education on how to achieve better online success for their clients.

Google selected 30 agencies which reflect excellence in this growing business sector and have exhibited high client performance while showing capabilities for rapid growth. The Elevator Program will be held May 16-17, 2018.

The Elevator program works with the leadership of selected digital agencies that demonstrate high performance for their clients and show the capabilities of rapid growth and an expanding client base. There were four initial seminars to launch the program. These seminars were in the Google offices in New York, Chicago, Austin, and Irvine. The goal of this program is to help develop the agency’s tools and services in order to deliver more for their clients and build the agency to help more businesses experience online growth and success.

Paton Marketing (www.patonmarketing.com), based in Hollywood, Florida, is one of the most recent invitees to this educational event.

“This is a distinct honor and privilege to be selected by Google as a participant in its Elevator Program,” said Todd Paton, president of Paton Marketing. “Our firm is committed to continuing education and we have met Google’s criteria to be invited to the Elevator Program. To be recognized in this manner is significant not just for us, but for our clients. In addition to the workshop, we look forward to networking with other colleagues in the digital marketing industry.

“This is a fast- moving industry, and we appreciate the efforts of Google to educate us on best practices.”