When working through all avenues in structuring a cohesive, E-Commerce website, pay attention to all of the factors that contribute to making your website stand out.

Spend a lot of time fine-tuning everything, especially for those who are coming across your website for the first time.

These are the people who need to be swayed into making purchases. This is where email marketing can act as a force multiplier for your business.

Email, across all businesses, brings in strong conversion rates. on average, businesses can earn $44 for every dollar they spend on these campaigns, and the average conversion rate for landing page traffic that gets sent through email is 6.05%

It’s not that difficult to convince someone to give you their email address, when they are visiting your site for the first time.

In fact, it can be much easier than trying to convince them to purchase your products or services. You can even throw some incentives such as discounts or free gifts, their way to mitigate their feelings of hesitation or uncertainty.

In order to start reaping the benefits of email marketing, you need to put together a focused list. Build out a list and accrue a list of subscribers. We’re going to be analyzing all of the steps needed to generate an effective campaign and why it will pay dividends for you, moving forward.

Compiling Targeted Lists

Building segmented and targeted email lists is a good way to get started. It’s not worth spending your time designing email marketing campaigns that have elegant designs, pristine pieces of copy, and special offers if your lists aren’t set up in the way they’re supposed to be. There are 3 key factors to bear in mind when putting together a targeted list:

  • Quality: Get authentic information from the source, and don’t rely on a third party to bail you out.
  • Relevance: Work with others who are committed to investing the time and money into your products/services.
  • Quantity: Once you’ve gotten to the first two items on this list, start to put energy into growing your list.

Additional Methods To Build Out Email Lists

As important as the email list is, never lose sight of the importance of the functionality of your website too. It makes sense to want to hone in on what makes your site great and useful, as this is what shoppers are enticed by from first glance, so why not use it to your advantage? See below for other factors to consider when creating these lists.


Have Pop-Up Offers On Your Home Page

You don’t want to condition your shoppers to be on standby to wait for their discounts, but at some point in this process where discounts can serve your customers is when they are heading towards navigating away from your page. This is your chance to grab their attention and convert a sale!

Email pop-ups are very resourceful. They can be disregarded by a few customers, but study after study has indicated that when the right offer is made to your audience, pop-ups can help in getting more people to sign up.

Want to give this a shot? Then by all means, test it out as a trial on your site. It will only reveal itself when a visitor moves their mouse off the page.

Depending on how you’re trying to target your audience, you can disable this feature for consumers who have previously visited your website. This will help you to then focus on engaging with new customers only.

Try Email Sign-Up on Website’s Navigation or Footer

Locations on your site where shoppers are poised to look for easily accessible information about your business are ideal places to test out various kinds of offers for your products.

The conversion rate for these locations will most likely be low, but the contribution towards your list can add up over time. For instance, as a shopper comes across your site’s footer to learn more about your brand, what sort of copy can pull them in and encourage them to buy into your product line?

Collect Email Addresses for Future Pop-Up Events

Temporary pop-up and pop-in shops are a great way to promote brand awareness, receive feedback on your products, and give customers many opportunities, and ample experience for these new products. It’s also an exceptional method of building out your lists.

Keep in mind, forms that correlate with email marketing and lead generation can easily make the shift from URL to IRL.

You can bring a clipboard and get contact information from these people, to better coordinate with your preferred email marketing tools, you can supply an iPad where people can directly submit their information as well.

Consider making a special offer to entice your consumers to sign up. For instance, “Sign up for our mailing list to have the chance of winning a $25 gift card,” or “Enter to win 25% for one of your first online purchases.”

It’s a good idea to organize these events accordingly, so that you can follow up with an email, immediately afterwards.

Integrate Sign-Up Buttons On Your Social Media Pages

There are a variety of reasons as to why people are loyal to your brand on social media, but the most important reason given during a plethora of these surveys is that they want to stay current with their expansive product line.

Since your email list can affect these outcomes, it makes sense to emphasize its importance on your social media outlets.

Not all platforms respond well to back-linking, but there are ways around this. On Instagram, you can use Linktree to input multiple links in your bio section. This will allow you to set one link to direct visitors and they will be redirected to your sign-up page to join the email list.

You may want to consider separating subscribers that come through instagram, so you can closely monitor how it’s impacting the progression of your list.

All in all, you can utilize a call-to-action button on a facebook business page to get as many people as you can to sign up.