POMPANO BEACH, FL – If one digital marketing firm has its way, the days of lawyers paying for expensive billboards and television advertising could be over.

“Lawyers in many disciplines have relied on inefficient paid-space advertising for years,” said Todd Paton, President/Founder of Pompano Beach, Florida-based Paton Marketing . “But with the growing sophistication of digital marketing, these firms can now target qualified prospects and take advantage of what is now the most efficient lead-generation process.”

Paton Marketing has created interactive,customized template videos that allow potential clients to respond to law firms from tablets, desktops, or cell phones. They can provide immediate information to the law firm and find out if they are qualified to benefit from a class action suit, personal injury settlement, and other suits. These potential clients can find out if they qualify for the lawsuit directly by clicking on the video.

“We’ve all seen late-night advertising for class action suits related to a possible settlement resulting from exposure to chemicals, for example,” said Paton. “The problem is that the phone number or website address is off the air before the individual can jot down the information and call or log on to the website. The same problem applies to billboards. What are the chances someone driving down I-95 will have the ability to jot down a phone number?

“These antiquated marketing strategies are cumbersome for the potential client and very expensive for the law firm. And, they don’t get results.”

The other major benefit is that through “geo-targeting” strategies, these firms can now reach out to qualified potential clients. This is a major and cost-effective alternative to the random nature of mass advertising in newspapers, billboards, radio, and television.

Paton Marketing’s affordable video templates feature the law firm’s logo, a statement on the issue, and a safe and immediate way to respond from a mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop. Lawyers can reach specific prospects based on a wide range of criteria. The potential client clicks a button, fills out a brief form, and schedules a meeting.

Law firms can also post these videos on their own websites, social media sites (Linkedin, Facebook), and distribute it to referral sources and their list of prospects.

“The beauty of this strategy is that the video is interactive and goes directly to a specific audience,” added Paton. “There’s no guesswork, hoping that the prospect is watching TV, or passing by a billboard or bus bench. And it’s affordable.”

There are a variety of pricing opportunities that include video production, hosting, and geo-targeting strategies.