Hosting companies has no right or whatsoever to hang down an already paid and hosted website on its platform. Not when the customer to the hosting company has met all that is required of him in the first round. To include possible documentations where it’s necessarily required. But however, the internet community has spontaneously changed from what it looked like in past, new rules and laws have also emerged to replace the long existing ones. Thereby causing a massive revolution in the whole industry. The community has finally expanded beyond what it was known, emergence of trailblazing websites, social media platforms, web portals, as well as blogs to mention but a few. Activities on the network has also vastly expanded on the long run, contributing to the revolution.

There is no doubt, your website hosting company has every tendency to pull down your site for so many reasons, after a brief introductory letter or notice on the reasons behind the action. Though nowadays, it could be annoying to a few the way web hosts shutdown client’s websites. With little or no longer period of notice on the said default or whatsoever. With facts drawn from some of my personal experiences within the past one decade, i can assure you that these below mentioned checklists are in the category of reasons web host may pull down your site.

Copyright infringement

Copyright infringement is very rampant nowadays on the internet, and there is no doubt, there are several types of it. Ranging from copied law guided posts, images, website materials, names of celebrities amongst many others. When copyright infringement is noticed from/at your end, lawyers to the owners of said properties or themselves are likely going to trace your site’s host and make complaints. Also providing evidences to show that yea’ you were truly caught via your websites content. After confirmation,  your host company is sure to give you a call, or mail, depending on the available resources. Sooner or later, they may be forced to pull down your website if you’re not complying as stipulated by their warning issued.


Plagiarism unequivocally points to copying contents from other people’s website, blogs, business portals etc. and reposting it in exactness to your own site. In other words, it is also known as stealing of website contents. And utilizing it for same purpose. If website owners are lucky to catch up with the fowl play. Then, there is every possibility they will traced and contact your webhost. Which may also lead to website hosting cancellation.

Fraudulent Websites

Its very obvious also that people create websites for several undisclosed reasons, research reveals that more than 25% of the websites hosted weekly are created for purposes related to cajoling people. In your website is caught portray contents relevant to fraud and reported. The next step your host would follow is to contact you, describe the situation, then finally pull down the site, until further notice.

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