Before the year 2000 “Vlog” was a term no one was familiar with. Vlog stands for a video blog or video log and is now extremely popular among a variety of age groups. People now vlog everything from their day to day activities, to their workout routine, even going out to eat with friends.

Vlogging is commonly most popular with online influencers who use YouTube as their main platform to stream their content. They often have thousands or even millions of subscribers. However, don’t let this scare you away from starting a vlog. Anyone is able to become a vlogger no matter how big or small their following is.

Starting your own vlog is full of experiences and can open the door to so many adventures. Starting a vlog may sound like fun and games, but it can actually be quite difficult. Going into 2021 anyone can become a vlogger and we are here to help you start your own successful vlog with these 7 steps!

Why Should You Start a Vlog?

There are so many different reasons to start a vlog. Vlogging could be your outlet to deal with the stress of daily life, or you have a hobby you are really passionate about and want to share it with others.

Vlogging is a great way to share your thoughts and opinions with people across the world since it can be streamed from anywhere. Video content has become so popular over the years and is the future of reaching a mass amount of people through video content.

A few reasons to start a vlog include:

  • Upgrading your creativity
  • Build your business or brand
  • It is affordable
  • It is a good outlet for stress
  • Build an online reputation
  • Become a part of a community
  • Help others

Vlog VS Blog

So what is the difference between a vlog and a blog? Both are great for engaging with an audience who share the same interests as you. It is completely possible to do both as well. Blogs are written content primarily on a website while vlogs are video content displayed on channels such as YouTube.

1. Find Something That Interests You

One of the first steps when it comes to creating a vlog is determining a subject that you want to start vlogging about! By vlogging about something that interests you will give your vlog its own unique tone and style that will allow you to better connect with the audience.

Your vlog could be about anything such as how you kept busy during quarantine, your daily routine, how you meal prep for the week. There is an audience for all different topics, but finding something you enjoy doing will shine through throughout your vlog and make it more engaging.

2. Identify Who Your Audience Is

Once you have figured out a topic that interests you it’s important to figure out who is also interested in that topic since they will be the ones watching your vlog. Understanding your audience’s needs and wants will allow you to curate your blog to your viewer’s enjoyment.


For example, if your vlog is about meal prepping for the week it’s key to understand how nutrition is important in day-to-day life as well as the benefits of maintaining a healthy diet.

3. Make the Vlog Unique to You

Building your vlog is almost like building a brand. However, with a brand generally, you are selling physical products or services. With a vlog, you are selling yourself. Personality is key to this.

Some of the key things to consider early on when starting your vlog include:

  • Your vlog channels name
  • Your vlog logo
  • What sets you apart from other influencers
  • Your goal of the vlog

4. What Channel Will You Use?

There are dozens of channels for you to promote your vlog on. Depending on what your topic is will determine the best channel for you to promote your vlog too. If your vlog focuses on makeup and fashion YouTube may be the best platform. If your vlog is focused on video games you may want to choose a channel that promotes video game streaming.

5. Getting Proper Equipment

If you are new to the vlogging world odds are you do not own a high-end video camera to record yourself. However, this is not needed when just starting out. Most computers have built-in mics and webcams and this is great for just starting out.

As you become more experienced with vlogging and gain a higher following you may consider purchasing high-end equipment to create higher quality videos.

When starting out here are a few things that are a necessity:

  • Smartphone with high-resolution recording capability
  • An editing software
  • Lighting equipment

These pieces of equipment will give you a good headstart to creating a successful vlog.

6. Create Fun Relevant Content

Vlogging should be fun for you as well as your viewers! Creating unique engaging content will leave your viewers coming back for more. Brainstorming a plan ahead of time or even for the month will make your blog more structured and organized and ensure the content is relevant to your audience.

7. Create Your First Vlog

Now comes the fun! It is time to create your first vlog! When starting your first episode you should introduce yourself to your audience so they have an idea of who you are. Making a good first impression is key to gaining subscribers that come back each week for more content.

Creating your first episode should be fun! There is of course always room for improvement and growth and that will come as you continue to create your vlog.

Starting a vlog is such a fun activity for anyone to enjoy. Going into 2021 create goals for yourself and the year. Your vlog could be about you accomplishing these goals in the new year or starting a new hobby to vlog about. When starting your vlog we hope that these steps were helpful for you and your new vlog account.

Remember to be true to yourself and create content that you enjoy making videos about!