HOLLYWOOD – As South Florida continues to emerge as the “cosmetic surgery capital of the world,” one website developer and online marketer wants to provide these physicians with tips on how they can dominate their industry.

Todd Paton, president of Hollywood-based Paton Marketing, is offering his compelling, free work shop – “Dominate Your Industry” – to these physicians seeking to gain an online presence and more business.

“Physicians in this sector face unique challenges because most of their work is elective and not covered by insurance,” said Paton. “The key today is developing a strong online presence and eventually appearing on the first page of Google. These practices face incredible competition and many strategies they use are dated and obsolete.”

Last year, Paton took this message to more than 35 business groups and 800 individual entrepreneurs. Physicians in several sectors have expressed interest in hearing his presentation which basically de-mystifyies the strategies related to moving up the pages of Google and other search engines.

He covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Learn how to pull Google data to build your campaign.
  • Learn how to spy on your competition.
  • The correct way to use social media to grow your business.

In this seminar Paton reviews the characteristics of the proper websites.

“Websites must immediately convey the quality of the practice,” said Paton. “Years ago, patients developed their opinions once they stepped into the waiting rooms. Today, that image is conveyed through the website. Is it well designed and easy to navigate? Can appointments be made online? Are there testimonials? Is there relevant information on the site?”

Once the website is established, Paton discusses other effective strategies that specifically target patients. “When done properly your message can be directly targeted to potential patients,” he said. “Through research, we can identify the ones who are searching for you and your procedures.”

These strategies include website design, search engine optimization, social media campaigns, and reputation management.

“All of these components combine to form a creative and efficient online marketing campaign which will drive qualified visitors to your site, allowing you to dominate your industry,” Paton explained at a recent seminar.

Paton added that Pay-Per-Click ads can be effective, but the most profitable strategies are “organic”, a process that pushes information on companies up the pages on Google based on a responsive website and quality content which can be written or on video.

“The first step in a campaign starts with the selection of keywords and phrases which are used by potential clients when searching the web,” said Paton. “Too often, cosmetic surgery practices guess at what keywords are used. This is a huge mistake and usually results in unsuccessful campaigns.”

Paton points out that there are a variety of tools that his company uses to zero in on accurate key words.

“We’re actually able to ‘spy’ on the competition to find out how they’re marketing their businesses, what they’re spending, and how successful they are,” said Paton. “These tools allow us to gauge their success and failures. We’re basically taking the guess work out of key word selection.”