No other media in my lifetime has exploded in such a short period of time than “Social” media. I grew up with rotary phones and passing notes in class. I remember going to Radio Shack and asking if they had a 20 foot phone cord so I could run the one and only phone we had in the kitchen to my room so I could get some privacy! ,

And in today’s world, our current mobile device has more technology in it than the first Apollo space launch. It’s more important than ever to get on board with digital strategies for your business (and personal) or be at risk of being left in the dust!

Social Media has become the largest, quickest and most responsive branding tool available. Having a strong understanding of this tool at a basic level is necessary for a successful response. Let us make it easy by following these 3 easy steps.


Capturing an audience that orders food from their mobile device while driving home from work is a pretty hard audience to capture. If we can offer them information that allows them to pause and say “hmmm, I didn’t know that” can lead to curiosity and that can lead to the audience wanting to learn more about who you are and what you do.


Now that you’ve piqued their interest in an educating manner, we need the ask audience to do something. Click, call, fill out this form…in sales 101, if you don’t ask, you don’t get. We want this social media post to drive traffic to your website. We are teasing them just enough to see what else you have to offer within your digital storefront.


Ok…here’s where the fun comes in. We have such an amazing opportunity to express our individuality on who we are and what we do especially in an informal and amusing way. Remember, this is “social” media…let’s be social! Take a trendy topic like Trump or even pets (you’d be amazed how much cats rule the Internet) and create a funny way to promote your product or service and above all…we are driving traffic to your website.

Follow any combination of the above for a successful, branding campaign that drives quality traffic. Or if you’d like visit and reach out to any of our Social Community Managers to learn more.