Website’s contents are being judged by various factors before deemed good to go onto a website, right from the beginning of the content development map till it is penned down. If you’re a content writer cum developer, it’s so likely you’re cognizant of some the practices that would be outlined at the later stages of this post. Else, it will be a good opportunity for you to get a handful of ideas from trending colleagues.

To start with, it is deemed relevant for website owners to know and be aware of each single of post or piece of article uploaded to your web page. To avoid the challenges and wreck of search engines etc, should any of these contents are found guilty of plagiarism or other content malpractices. Most people have made this as a mistake in the past without yet getting the picture of it, but nonetheless, I believe you wouldn’t want such to occur again in the future. When you have the right tools and ideas, there are chances that one will overcome content malpractices as well as problems of low conversions

Get the idea on your required topic

As a content analyst or writer, the title of every content implemented by you has a role to play in throughout the whole journey. The title is the spearhead of the army of contents that comes thereafter. And thus, you need to ensure that you have a clear and unbeatable understanding on the title. What it says, the key points it contains, as well as its meaning. Here are few other things to know about the title

  • It tells the reader where you’re going, and what he/she should expect
  • It tells a short story about the content
  • It’s a brief and detailed version of the content in entirety
  • Its does 80% of the conversion job for the content virtually and in search engines also.

So now you get the whole scene, these and many more are just but a few roles a title of a content plays indefinitely.

Be helpful rather than be Greedy with that content !

Contents are developed for consumption by humans and that’s the incontrovertible myth about it. All contents you develop are definitely done out of need, in the quest to achieve one relevant objective or the other. And thus the need for contents that would favor the readers more than the author. The percentage of relevance should fall on 60% to readers/user and 40% relevance to the author, in this way. Readability can be won, more readers would be attracted and thus, the chances of winning conversions and leads. To achieve this, 20 out of every 60 articles developed should be reader advantageous, i.e, it should be focused on solving the users problems, providing the readers with accurate information and answers to their doubts and queries, and furthermore, must be reader friendly.