The term “developer” undoubtedly seems very ambiguous and is not clearly defined. Without exaggeration, the term developer here points to an IT expert who handles creation of web projects. Meanwhile, there are different types of web and IT projects that developers handles and creates, with regard to their specialty and area of concentration. Before we proceed, I’ll take a short-while to explicate some notable types of developers you’ll find in the web industry.

Some notable types of developers:

Web developer

Web developers are those professionals who specializes on bringing website projects to accomplishment. These set of developers are further subdivided into two major categories. The front-end web developers and the backend web-developers.

Frontend developer

A frontend web developer with the aid of his enviable team, focuses on the design part of the website. The front view of the website where you see once a website loads on your screen, and hence its name. Like connoted earlier, the front end developer and his team of diverse sub-developers ensure that the website looks stunning and persuasive enough to hold a visitor, even so, they had to also create engaging reader-friendly contents to inspire and retain its (the website’s) readers.

Backend developer

More like the front-end developer, a backend developer is a professional who takes care of all the administrative roles at the backend of a website. Backend refers to the area or section of the website you do not see, this section has control over the frontend and the entire website. As a matter of fact, the backend of a website has greater repute and considerations as to when compared to the frontend. Developers working in this field are mostly known as coders, this is practically because they have diverse knowledge on dissimilar programming languages used in backend programming. Some of which contains, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, OOPS, AJAX etc.

Software developer

A software developer is the type of web professional who organizes and creates software applications using multifarious elements and programming languages. A typical Software developer is often held at high esteem by reputable businesses and multinational companies who knows his worth. It further will sounds great if the developer happens to be an experienced professional. To find a full responsibility of a software developer, there are several software to download over the internet.

Application developer

Application developers concentrate on curating highly responsive applications for both web and mobile use. Mobile applications may be divided into two categories, the mobile applications and the web applications. Mobile application developers create applications for use on mobile devices and other smaller computing devices while a web application developer develops apps for use on desktops and laptops etc. In some instances you may find a developer who is simultaneously skilled in mobile and web application development, therefore becoming an added advantage.