POMPANO BEACH, FL – Competing for business has always been a challenge for organizations striving to distinguish themselves from the pack.

With the growing sophistication of online marketing campaigns, businesses of all sizes are trying to keep pace with digital strategies that will put them front and center with their prospects and referral sources. They key element is driving traffic to a company’s website by posting compelling information on numerous platforms.

This frequently comes in the form of press releases, photos, media coverage, and blogs. According to one digital marketing executive, the one missing element in content creation is video.

“One area that is frequently missing is the video component,” said Todd Paton, president and founder of Paton Marketing. “As websites and a social media presence becomes more important in business development, it’s critical to post videos since they are very effective in driving traffic to these sites.”

A recent article in Forbes supports the importance of using videos as a mainstay of all digital marketing campaigns:

  • 82 percent of Twitters users view video content on the app
  • Approximately half of Facebook and YouTube visitors spend more than an hour a week watching video content
  • A third of online activity is spent watching video

“These are compelling statistics,” added Paton. “It’s clear that businesses can more effectively compete by adding this one very important component to their websites and social media initiatives.”

As an active Chamber of Commerce member, Paton sees that his colleagues are focused on their businesses and is offering them significant discounts on the production of videos that can be used on multiple online platforms – websites, Linkedin, Facebook, and others.

“Chamber members are serious about their businesses,” said Paton. “They are taking advantage of membership through networking and educational events. We want to help them grow their businesses with this offer.

“Videos quickly deliver messages,” he said. “They can be engaging, entertaining, and give organizations a personality. And, they drive traffic to websites.”

The Paton Marketing Chamber offer includes a variety of services:

  • Pre-production work
  • Site selection
  • Script writing
  • Filming/set-up
  • Editing
  • Voice over/actors

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About Paton Marketing

Pompano Beach-based Paton Marketing is a full-service digital marketing firm that builds websites and SEO and social media campaigns. Paton Marketing recently merged with BrandStar, a content marketing firm. The two organizations now combine efforts on a wide range of marketing initiatives for non-profits and businesses. For more information, visit www.patonmarketing.com