In today’s society that is fueled by technology, social marketing campaigns have become powerful strategies for the healthcare industry. Social marketing for healthcare must be informative, ethical, and accurate, and above all, they must follow industry regulations.

Effective social marketing can generate leads that will help grow your business. In this post, we will look at 12 social marketing examples for the healthcare industry.

1. Dr. Richard Reish (@dr.richard.reish – Instagram)

Dr. Richard Reish is a plastic surgeon in New York. Dr. Reish has a large following on Instagram, with the majority of his clients finding him through his social media marketing campaigns. Richard-Reish

Dr. Reish makes it very clear that he does not Photoshop or alter any images on his page. He prides himself in being very open and honest on social media and assures his followers that all information on his page is coming directly from him.

On a weekly basis, Dr. Reish invites followers to submit questions via Instagram Stories, which he will answer in a video or text format. Dr. Reish’s Instagram shows perfect harmony between being personable and professional.

2. Dr. Simon Ourian (@simonourianmd1 – Instagram)

Simon-OurianDr. Simon Ourian is a cosmetic Dermatologist in Beverly Hills, CA. Many of his clients are high-profile celebrities, including members of the Kardashian family.

Dr. Ourian was able to grow his social media presence by having patients share their experiences with him on their own pages. Patient testimonials are crucial for attracting prospective clients, and testimonials from popular celebrities will generate a large number of social marketing leads.

3. Dr. Kim Patrick Murray (@dr.kimpatrickmurray – Instagram)

Kim-Patrick-MurrayDr. Kim Patrick Murray is a plastic surgeon that specializes in rhinoplasty.

He is among the best social media marketing surgeons in Miami.

Dr. Murray shares short video clips to explain his procedures in detail to followers. Social media agencies in Miami can look to Dr. Murray for how to inform followers about complicated topics.

4. Dr. Andres Bustillo (@andresbustillomd – Instagram)

Andres-BustilloDr. Andres Bustillo specializes in facial plastic surgery in Coral Gables, FL. Dr. Bustillo’s Instagram features a variety of patients and procedures.

The photos and videos on Dr. Bustillo’s Instagram is high quality, which gives his patients an accurate idea of his work.

5. Dr. Alex Zuriarrain (@drzplasticsurgery – Instagram)

Dr. Alex Zuriarrain is a general plastic surgeon in Miami, Alex-Zuriarrain FL. Dr. Zuriarrain’s Instagram offers viewers a professional and organized look into his work.

Dr. Zuriarrain frequently posts videos answering commonly asked questions, and will give advice to anyone that’s interested in learning more.

6. Dr. Myron Rolle (@myronlrolle – Instagram)

Myron-RolleDr. Myron Rolle is a neurosurgeon in Boston, MA. Dr. Rolle uses his platform to raise awareness about lesser-known illnesses and injuries.

As an ex-NFL player, Dr. Rolle has a solid personal brand, which comes through in each of his Instagram posts.

7. Nicole Kupchik, RN (@nicolekupchik – Instagram)

Nicole-KupchikNicole Kupchik, a critical care nurse, uses social marketing campaigns to promote educational courses about the nursing profession.

Ms. Kupchik gives followers an inside look at her life and what it is like to be a nurse in critical care. Ms. Kupchik also highlights her fellow nurses that are on the COVID-19 frontlines.

8. Dr. Samantha Ellis (@drsamanthaellis – Instagram)

Samantha-EllisDermatologist Dr. Ellis offers advice to her Instagram followers as if they were her own patients. In her free time, she provides unbiased reviews on skincare products to decide whether or not she can recommend them to patients.

Dr. Ellis’s passion for skincare is evident in her posts, making her a trustworthy source for information.

9. Dr. Bal M. Raj (@drraj – Instagram)

Dr. Raj is an orthopedic surgeon in Beverly Hills, Bal-M-RajCA that specializes in sports medicine. Dr. Raj could rely on publicity alone with clients like Anderson Silva and Mel Gibson, but he chooses to showcase his skills through social marketing campaigns.

Dr. Raj’s Instagram caters to a variety of interests. From celebrity features to informational diagrams, Dr. Raj is an expert in using social marketing for healthcare.

10. Dr. Danielle Jones (@mamadoctorjones – Instagram)

Danielle-JonesDr. Danielle Jones is a Texas-based ObGyn with a large presence on Instagram and YouTube. Dr. Jones personalizes her content and gives her audience a safe space to learn and ask questions.

Dr. Jones’ social media success has led to features in The New York Times, BBC News, and Men’s Health Magazine. Dr. Jones is living proof that social marketing leads can bring a vast amount of success.

11. Dr. Wendy Sue Watson (@drwendysuewatson – Instagram)

Dr. Watson is a Seattle-based pediatrician. Dr-Wendy-Sue-Watson Since Dr. Watson cannot feature any minors in her posts, she chooses to focus her social marketing campaigns on educating parents about child health.

Dr. Waston’s content includes interviews, podcast features, health tips, and illness prevention information.

12. Dr. Mike Varshavski (@doctor.mike – Instagram)

Dr-Mike-VarshavskiDr. Mike is a family medicine doctor whose content can be described as “medically themed entertainment”.

While Dr. Mike’s content should not be used as professional advice, he has influenced followers to make donations to different causes and campaigns.

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