As a YouTube influencer, you make an impact in many people’s lives through the content you share in your videos. Whether you are part of the younger audience, or you’re an adult, creating content that people want to watch and engage with is important.

When creating content for Youtube, it can be hard to find new ideas for your channel. Whether you have a large business that you are making promotional videos for in Miami, or are an online video production team in Miami, creating engaging, meaningful content is key to keeping your subscribers and audience entertained.

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Youtube Influencers

If you are looking for ideas for new video content that people actually want to watch, continue reading to get some ideas for your next Youtube video production in Miami!


1. Introduction About You or Your Business!

If you have not already done an introductory video, this is key in online video production for Miami businesses. Introductions allow your audience to get to know you as well as the kinds of videos you will be creating. As a video marketing service in Miami, we cannot stress enough the importance of informing your viewers of the content you will be creating.

2. Create Opinion Videos

Opinion videos can be about anything and it’s a great way to keep your viewers informed about any recent news or trends. Miami is full of celebrity influencers, trending designs, or topics, so when creating an online video production in Miami, think about who your viewers are and what topics may be trending that interest them.

3. Review a Product or Service

Video marketing in Miami for your Youtube channel or any kind of Youtube video production in Miami is all about keeping up to date on the latest products. Keeping your reviews honest, informative, and interesting will set you apart from other web video productions in Miami.

You can even turn this into a series. Such as purchasing a variety of products from Amazon weekly basis to review.You can even use promotional videos for your business in Miami.

4. Interview Someone

Looking for people to interview in Miami makes for excellent web video productions. There are so many influential figures available to interview, to create fresh content for your existing audience to enjoy.

5. Tutorials

Tutorials are another tool for commercial video production in Miami and there is so much content to give tutorials on. If you are creating a promotional video for your business in Miami you could give a tutorial about how to use your product. This engages the audience.

6. Hold a Q&A

Holding a Q&A session for your audience is a good way to allow your viewers to ask you any questions about what they may have. This can also bring in new ideas for content.

7. Host a Giveaway Contest

People love to get prices from contests or sweepstakes. For video marketing in Miami, a giveaway can be a perfect way to get new viewers to subscribe or watch your channel, and engage with existing ones who may have become less interested.

8. Give a Studio or Room Tour

Tour My StudioFor commercial video production businesses in Miami, your viewers would love to see behind the scenes to learn more about what you offer. You can also get your staff in Miami to give video testimonials about what it’s like working there, or what goes on in the office on a day-to-day basis.

9. A Day in the Life

This is especially popular for vloggers. If you do not know what vlogging is, it is basically a virtual blog about you! This also gives your viewers a behind the scenes glimpse at what goes on outside of your videos that you create.

10. Do a 30-Day Challenge

30-day challenges are great for bringing your viewers back, to view your content. This could be where you attempt to do something for 30 days in a row such as losing weight, making a new food item, or exploring a new place. Incorporating video testimonials about the places you went to or ate in Miami is a great addition to these videos.

11. Give a Tour of Your City

15+ creative

Miami is a great place to tour that many people from around the world are interested in. You could give your viewers a tour of South Beach, Wynwood, or the Versace Mansion!

12. Invite a Guest

Co-creating with other YouTubers or vloggers is another way to increase the size of your audience.

13. Live Stream an Event

Many people love to see things happen live! Live streaming is great because this allows your viewers to ask you questions in real-time, that you can answer on the spot.

14. Discuss Your Career

Chances are you have a career outside of making YouTube content. Share this with your audience! Making things more personal and relatable shows your viewers you are just like them! They may even look to you as a role model.

15. Discussion any Trending Rumors

Is there something interesting going on in the media right now? Are there any new scandals? People love drama! Creating a video discussing and analyzing recent drama and how you feel about it will entice your viewers.

16. Your Skincare Routine

Who doesn’t love a good skincare routine? These are perfect for anyone to try. Even if your skincare routine is pretty basic, it’s always interesting to see how other people care for themselves.

If you are looking for one of the best video marketing services in Miami, Paton Marketing has you covered! Our professional video team is able to create dynamic content that is persuasive as well as meaningful to increase engagement. Our amazing video team will be able to help you create unique content today. Contact us for more information!