The goal of an E-Commerce website is of course to make sales, but it is also to have repeat customers. When your business is selling products online it is very important to have information, an organized, and eye-catching product page. You may have an amazing product, but if customers can not navigate and efficiently through your website then sales become difficult.

Landing pages are generally designed for a specific campaign, while product pages highlight the featured product being sold. This can show shoppers what the product will do, how it will benefit them, and overall make them feel like they need the product.

Below, I am going to show you some of my favorite product page’s that are effective in making a sale. Some of the techniques that these companies use might be some that you want to think about when starting your own e-commerce store.

1. Lush: Transparency and Educational

Lush is a well-known bath and bodywork company that prides themselves on their eco-friendly and all-natural products. The transparency of the company is what makes this company so effective as e-commerce as well as a retail store. This transparency can be found with a cohesive list of all the ingredients that go into the product.


Lush is also very educational with the products that they offer. They offer how to use short videos for their products. For example, for their bar soap which is also 100% cruelty-free made with natural ingredients they have created an article that can be found here on how to properly wash your hands.

2. Inclusivity is a great example of a product page. They focus on bright warm colors that are very inviting. They sell a variety of products from clothing, to eye-catching organization accessories. At the top of the website they have a banner which states, “We Believe Black Lives Matter” as well as “Free shipping For All Members of the Friend Zone.”

With the current events happening a brand that focuses on inclusivity and positivity is a great way to create an effective e-commerce website in 2020.


3. Fabletics: VIP Price Reduction

When purchasing clothes from a website there are plenty of other sites to compare the price. Fabletics highlights the retail price and VIP member price. In the example below, they create incentives in a variety of ways by offering many different creative ways to make a sale. First, off they offer a 2 for $24 deal on leggings, free shipping, and put a time limit on when your offer expires.


4. Luxy Hair: Limited Time Deal

Luxy hair immediately creates a need to buy their products with a limited-time deal of $15 off for first-time customers. This is a smart technique that e-commerce stores use to add new customers to their email list. This way customers can be updated frequently with new products and discounts.


5. Glossier: Offering Similar Products

Similar to Lush, Glossier gives informative information about their products with a list of all key ingredients and how to use the product. One of the most effective parts of the website is referencing other products that combine well with the one the customer had in mind of purchasing. This is found in this example with their Milk Oil waterproof makeup remover.


6. Pandora: Send a Hint

This is a very unique e-commerce store that has the option to send friends, family, or loved ones a hint that you like one of their products. This is a great way to let others know that you are interested in receiving something specific as a gift. It also recommends similar products that you may be interested in. This is another very successful marketing tip.Pandora

7. Nordstrom: Video Testimonials

Nordstrom features videos of their clothing on their website. The employees are the ones who are featured in this video which makes for a personal shopping experience. For those shopping online this creates a simulated in-person shopping experience very effectively.


8. Prose: Custom Hair Care Products

Prose offers all-natural hair care products that are free of harsh ingredients that create healthier hair. They also offer custom hair care products that are unique to you after completing a short survey about your hair. By the end of the questionnaire, they have made a unique way for you to subscribe to their email list by forcing you to enter your email to view your custom hair care product.

Prose Prose-1

9. Missguided: Variety of Discounts

Missguided product page has a variety of discounts that alter frequently. The popular clothing site offers an extra 15% off your total when you download their app, and an extra 10% if you are a student. Being a student myself, this is a big incentive to shop at Missguided apparel. This advertising approach for an online-only e-commerce shop is very effective at creating a purchase.


10. Bellroy: Size Comparison

Purchasing a wallet online can be difficult for some consumers. This company has taken a unique approach to this by offering a variety of size comparisons from American currency to other currencies from around the world. This reassurance that the product will work for your need is added assurance that the product will work for you.


11. Warby Parker: Virtual Try-on

Purchasing anything online runs the risk of not enjoying the product for a variety of reasons such as style and fit. At Warby Parker, they offer the customer a virtual try-on. This lets the customer be reassured that the glasses will work for them. They will also send you multiple pairs of glasses and let you try them on for free to decide which pair worked best for you.


12. Quay: Afterpay

We have all been there waiting for our paycheck to come in, but are dying for a new accessory. Businesses that offer afterpay allow you to make payments interest free in small amounts to still be able to purchase them at that time. This buying incentive is applicable to many different e-commerce companies with Quay just being one example.

Quay- Afterpay

13. Spread Shirt: Custom Clothing

Whether you are creating a custom shirt for an event, business event, or family outing, creating custom clothing is fun for all. Spread Shirt allows you to visualize your own creation before purchasing. With great deals and 100% creativity, this e-commerce store allows you to let your creativity flow.


14. Nectar Mattress: Risk-Free Shopping

Purchasing a new mattress is not something that is done as frequently as new clothing and other products, but when done online it is extremely difficult to know if the mattress will work for you. Some are too soft, too firm, and don’t allow for a good night of sleep. Nectar takes the risk out of this by offering a 365 trial period along with free shipping and returns. Assuring that your purchase is risk-free.


15. Pilgrim: Act Now

Pilgrim creates an act now buying aspects by creating a competition to purchase their product. It shows at the bottom how many other people are viewing the product and that there are only a few left. Nowadays people want something more when they know it is exclusive and not many left.


Product pages are the heart of an e-commerce site. When creating your own e-commerce site combine some of these strategies these companies have used to make the most effective product pages for your own company.