You may be thinking that Amazon SEO and Google SEO are the same thing and that utilizing the same strategy for both will work, just fine. But, the truth is, Amazon is considered to be the opposite of Google for a number of reasons.

Keep in mind that thinking both search engines are the same can do more harm than good when companies decide to use one or the other.


When it comes to marketing a product, some companies might be thinking that because amazon and google are considered search engines that both will work the same and receive the same results. Although, in theory this would be nice, this is simply not the truth.

If you’re curious about learning how SEO is different for both, make sure to stay tuned for information pertaining to 6 differences that matter when it comes to acknowledging that both search engines aren’t completely alike and how the results differ for both.

Being able to know the differences between Amazon and Google’s SEO is the first step that will benefit your company in the long run. Realizing which one is a perfect fit for your company can help ease your mind knowing that you picked the correct SEO that works best for you and the company as a whole.

Traffic is Different

Regarding traffic and how high revenue can be for your company, the results are different when comparing Amazon SEO to Google SEO.

For Google SEO, when it relates to the traffic of your website, page links are able to be added which are helpful if ranking high through traffic is something your company is interested in. Who doesn’t want to be ranked high to have an advantage in boosting your company altogether?

With that being said, when discussing Amazon SEO, the traffic is different due to the sole fact that there’s no option for external links to be incorporated in the search engine. When links aren’t in the algorithm, it can result in a different strategy on how to bring in traffic.

Usage of Keywords

Now, you may have noticed that for Amazon SEO, it only takes about a single usage of the keyword to get it noticed. When including the keywords for just one usage, it’s still considered to be impactful. Normally, the most important keyword is used in the title of the product and then the second most important keyword is usually found in the description.

Turns out, Google SEO takes more than one usage of keywords to be noticed and for it to leave an impression. Due to this, companies need to realize the difference between the usage of keywords for both search engines.

If you pick one SEO tactic with the idea that it produces the same results as the other one, then it could impact your company for the worse. So, knowing how much usage of keywords needs to be incorporated is crucial, so that you don’t end up making the wrong choice which can cost you in the future.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

A feature that can boost website traffic significantly can be pay-per-click campaigns that would be ideal for someone trying to promote brand awareness and especially for e-commerce websites. Although, when including a specific SEO method, researching more about how google and amazon SEO use PPC, is appropriate in order to have these campaigns succeed.

For Google, when ads come in via e-commerce websites or stores, it actually is seen that it has no impact on the rankings for google. So, if there’s ads such as Facebook ads that come up, it will not increase or decrease rankings for the search engine, specifically.

Amazon consists of ads from Facebook and other platforms, it can create a positive impact on rankings which will boost website traffic and overall present a stronger SEO to enhance the company.


The design of algorithms can significantly impact a company or website due to how the creation of it is meant to function. Take into consideration what a specific algorithm was designed for, this will help picking one that increases the success by the proper search engine with an algorithm that goes hand-in-hand with each other.

For google’s algorithm, the driving metric is quite different from Amazon’s so that’s why an algorithm that was designed for google is meant for the function of ads. A company choosing this SEO could result in being the wrong choice due to the design not matching up with what the company is trying to accomplish.

As for amazon’s algorithm, the sole purpose of it, is to sell products rather than advertising ads and such. In retrospect, figuring out which one is a perfect fit for your company and website is what will make improvements if you can acknowledge how each SEO strategy works and how they are different.

Optimizing Listings

Another quality that distinguishes google and amazon SEO from each other is the idea of optimizing the SEO listings.

In regards to Google, the most beneficial way to list optimization that’s accurate would be including keywords throughout the entirety of the site. Within the keywords, also make sure crawling errors can be detected and take the proper precautions to get those issues resolved.

Optimizing Amazon SEO listings tend to be different considering amazon should optimize the title within the specific SEO which can ensure that everyone will see it and it won’t get lost in the tracks. Providing information that you feel is the most important at the top will help get the listing reviewed.

Quality of Products

The product quality for Google SEO is shown to be sometimes controlled by professional writers. In some cases, unknown sites are able to have a chance of ranking high and being put in the top results when the writers are successful at making it happen.


On the other hand, Amazon requires more focus on the actual quality of the product instead of like google which focuses on secondary factors rather than the product itself.

As you can see from the reading above, search engines are all unique in their own way, therefore, being able to know the differences between the SEOs for Google and Amazon will help make sure you decide which one is more accurate for your company. Picking the best fit will give you an advantage to creating a better form of success towards the company itself.