With the ever-changing face of technology, marketing is no exception. Video has become a key part of marketing strategies to bring customers together with businesses. Below is a list of 27 different video marketing platforms, services, and apps that can help you reach your audience:

1. YouTube

YouTube is one of the most well-known and loved platforms for hosting videos, uploading your own, and sharing them with the world. Its expansive user base of over 2 billion people offers endless opportunities to share and grow your business.

2. Wistia

A video hosting platform with an emphasis on marketing and analytics. It’s designed to help viewership increase exponentially.

3. Instagram Reels

A new Instagram feature that allows users to share short, entertaining video content to their friends, family, or the larger Instagram community through the Instagram Explore page.

4. Snapchat

A social media platform where users post disappearing pictures and videos for others to view.

5. Facebook Live Videos

Live streaming through Facebook for people to watch in real-time, as the action happens.

6. Snapchat

An app where users can share videos and pictures with friends and followers, but the content disappears after a short time.

7. Adobe Premiere Pro

An excellent professional video editing software that is available through an Adobe subscription.

8. Nero Video

Video editing software that is on the lower end in terms of cost, but a great option. Has over 1000 effects to choose from and many different deals and sales.

9. Animoto

Online, cloud-based video creation that allows you to make slideshows set to music with transition effects, text, and sound.

10. Tik Tok

Social media app that is primarily used by a young audience and that allows users to share short, 60 second videos. Also has a three-minute video feature for more in-depth topics.

11. Vimeo

A platform for hosting professional videos that can be embedded on websites and shared across social media platforms.

12. Magisto

An online video editing software that uses artificial intelligence to choose music and editing style and quickly create videos for your brand.

13. Flipagram

A video-sharing app with a similar concept to Animoto, but slightly different editing options and included effects like text overlays and video filters.

14. Biteable

Powerful video editing software with thousands of built-in templates and various subscription plans.

15. Byte

A 16-second looping video-sharing app from the creator of Vine that is a competitor of Tik Tok, sharing a similarly young audience.

16. Lumafusion

An iOS app that is great for iPhone and iPad users who need to create, edit, and share videos on the go.

17. Animatic

An online tool for creating digital storyboards in a flipbook style that can be synced with audio to create animated videos using images or gifs along with your voiceover work or already recorded audio.

18. Hippo Video

A company with a variety of video products and bundle options that are tailored to the needs of your business.

19. DailyMotion

A video-sharing platform similar to YouTube but is more international in scope with content from all over the world available for viewing on the site.

20. Corel Video Studio Pro

Easy to learn video editing software with a plethora of unique, built-in tools that will polish your videos.

21. Vidyard

Another video hosting platform but this one is built for use by businesses, from proposals to connecting with customers

22. Pinnacle

Video company that offers high-quality, professional video editing software at several different levels (standard, pro, and ultimate).

23. Camtasia

A desktop software program that makes it easy to record, edit, and publish videos created with Camtasia Recorder that works on Windows or Mac computers.

24. LBRY

LBRY is an alternative to video platforms that allows users to upload videos and interact with fans without the same risks for demonetization.

25. Uscreen

A service that provides a subscription-based platform where users can take their video content to the next level through access to features like OTT apps, video CMS, marketing and analytics, and more.

26. Sprout Video

Professional video hosting service that offers analytic, marketing, and privacy tools to its users.

27. Shutterstock

A stock photo site that offers over 50 million royalty-free images, vectors, videos clips, and music tracks that are available to download directly or embed into videos.

Video can be an effective way to market your business if you know which platform to use and how to create the type of video that will engage your potential customers. Get more out of your videos by using one or more of these 27 different video marketing platforms and tools during the creation process. Or, you can contact Paton Marketing’s experienced video team to save you time and energy without sacrificing this crucial marketing area.