Did you know that driving traffic to your business is one of the most important goals of receiving organic SEO? If you know this, you should know that this doesn’t apply in some circumstances, and having more website traffic isn’t always better for a business. 

Yes, this may come as a shocker to some of you, but you need to understand the seven reasons why more website traffic may not be better for your business. It’s good for your business to know when getting more website traffic can negatively affect your business. 

According to Search Engine Journal, “Generating more traffic to a website is one of the important aspects of organic search optimization. While driving increased traffic to a website is foundational as part of a solidified organic strategy, it’s also important to remember that increased organic traffic does not necessarily translate into a net positive.”

But, don’t get us wrong, gaining organic traffic to your website can positively impact your business as a whole. However, there can be a situation where significant website traffic ends up hurting your reputation and causes visitors not to pursue any products/services that your business offers. This is what you DON’T want, right? 

If you want to make sure you don’t lose any potential customers, then you’ll want to make sure to sit down and get ready to read an informative article that will keep your business thriving for years to come! You’d be surprised at how important it is to know if your business is getting too much website traffic and how it can harm your business. 

#1 – The Majority of Your Traffic Aren’t People 

So, let’s say you check Google Analytics, and you find out that half of your traffic flow to your business aren’t even humans! This can be detrimental to your company, and in this case, it wouldn’t be better for your business due to half of them being bots. You’ll want to make sure that most of your traffic is humans mainly because it will help your reputation since your services/products can be used when real people visit your site. 

#2 – Page Views are Increasing For Your Least Important Pages

An increase in website traffic can mean more page views which can be beneficial for your business! Unfortunately, if you carefully analyze the increase on your pages and realize that you’re getting the most page views on your least important pages, this can be a major problem. You’ll want to make sure an increase in traffic brings in strong leads that will positively impact your business. 

#3 – Your Website Doesn’t Have an Organized Content Strategy

If you want more website traffic but you don’t have an organized content strategy for your website, it can cause visitors to leave immediately or not stick around. Before you can be ready to have a decent amount of website traffic, you’ll want to create a content strategy that keeps your visitors engaged and wanting more. For instance, if you have content that’s boring, poorly written, or has nothing to do with your target audience, it could damage your brand and have low traffic. 


#4 – Users Are Experiencing Intent Mismatch 

User intent is an excellent way for a business to gain high conversion rates and rankings. That sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it? Sadly, in some cases, more website traffic can cause an intent mismatch, which occurs when a user can’t find what they’re looking for when they’re looking for a specific query. Nothing’s more frustrating when you’re trying to find something specific, and you end up not finding it, which can cause a negative experience for the user. This is NEVER good for a business’s reputation! 

#5 – Too Much Traffic Can Slow Down Your Site

Having a good amount of traffic to your site is always the dream for most businesses since it can increase revenue and customers! But, if you get to the point where there’s an influx of traffic, there is the possibility of your site’s speed becoming slow or, in severe cases, crashing completely. If either of these happens, it can damage your business long after you resolve the problem! 

#6 – The Website Session Duration is Too Low

If you figure out that most of your users are only staying on your website for less than a minute, this is an issue! When you have high traffic, it won’t benefit you if your users aren’t staying on your site. You’ll want to increase your chances of having them stay on for about two to three minutes, which is the average amount spent on a site. You can do this by: 

  • Including more visuals
  • Creating more engaging content
  • Having blog content for users to read 

#7 – A Negative Impact on Your Business Causes Traffic Gains

If you’re all of a sudden seeing a significant increase in traffic flow to your site after a recent problem involving your business, then this isn’t the best form of gaining traffic. Gaining traffic due to negative comments from the press or being caught up in a recent scandal can damage your business’s reputation even further. You wouldn’t want to tell a client you have seen an increase in traffic flow if the only reason is because of a negative situation the business or you were in. 

Keep an Eye Out to Avoid These Reasons At ALL Cost!

We at Paton Marketing thoroughly understand how vital gaining organic traffic can be for a business! This can create more visitors to become customers as well as increasing sales. However, you want to be careful when you gain too much traffic, especially since it could end up being worse rather than better for your business. 

If you enjoyed reading this article, you’d want to check out more helpful articles at Paton Marketing! We promise that you won’t be disappointed!