Welcome to part two of the Apura Farms story!


As you may have read in part one, here at Paton Marketing, we had the opportunity to showcase an up-and-coming brand, Apura Farms, and its charismatic founder-Susan Mussaffi. Apura Farms is changing the vegan culinary game when it comes to plant-based eating and making positive changes in the lifestyles of everyday people. It is easy to become complacent with traditional diets full of oversaturated fat and pre-packaged meals; but, with Apura Farms, every single ingredient contains high nutritional values bursting with flavor. The base ingredients in Apura Farms are all organic and curated with just five simple ingredients- sprouted mung bean, pink Himalayan sea salt, onion, and garlic powder and shiitake mushroom.


Before the cooking segment can begin, all of the ingredients are prepared and laid out, ready to be used! These meatless burgers can be cooked on non-stick pans, iron skillets, stovetops or George Foreman grills, which was used on this segment, or whatever is more convenient for you! Let’s talk about how easy it is to make an Apura Farms vegan burger:

Apura Farms teaches us how cooking vegan burgers can be quick and easy as 1, 2, 3…

Step 1

The measurements are simple– for two burgers, a half a cup of the meal replacement mix is poured into a large bowl. Each quarter cup of the Apura mix requires 3 tablespoons of water, for the 2 patties. For extra flavoring, throw in a couple of tablespoons of diced onions and one tablespoon of finely chopped garlic for flavor! A good amount of hand mixing with a silicone spatula or spoon will be able to mix the ingredients and the water properly; the mix will result in a batter-like consistency that will make it easy to mold a burger.





Step 2

Now it’s time to grill it up! Before you start cooking, you must first brush oil onto the grill and lather it so the burgers won’t stick. Vegetable or grape-seed oil is preferable for this since they do not change the flavor of what you’re cooking. The patties are formed by hand and grilled for approximately two minutes on each side; this allows the vegan burger enough time to solidify and take the consistency of a beef burger. When the heat of the grill begins to cook through the burger, a savory aroma will arise from the grill or pan from which you are cooking on. After the burgers are well done, zest the cooked sides of patties with barbeque sauce for a little extra flavor and let them grill for less than a minute giving the sauce enough time to penetrate the burger. After the burgers are cooked through- top them off with a few slices of vegan cheese, which should melt like cheddar or mozzarella.





Step 3

The Assembly– to finalize your delicious burger, chop up onions, a ripe tomato, and fresh lettuce. When you are chopping the tomatoes and onions, make sure you chop them finely, so that they are not towering when you stack them on the burgers. Another thing you have to watch out for is the lettuce; since normal buns are not too big, snap the lettuce leaves in half so that they are easy to fold. Also, prep your vegetables before grilling because if you don’t, your burgers will get cold while you’re prepping the veggies. Toast the burger buns, spread the buns with ketchup, mustard or any other condiments of your choosing. Place the juicy burgers onto the toasted buns, aligning them symmetrically and last but not least- it’s time for the bacon! Vegan bacon that is. The same process of making the burgers except you have to form them into strips; Load up the burger with vegan bacon strips and get ready to satisfy your appetite!





These three steps show how easy it is to make a plant-based burger in less than ten minutes (of cooking time). Apura Farms helps to bring us back to a simpler time when a home-cooked meal meant so much more!


Be sure to look for the Apura Farms brand in Whole Foods Supermarkets all over Florida.