Brand managers in social media campaigns need to know what they are getting into. There is a lot of room for error with social media, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the number of sites available. 

This social media campaign checklist will help you complete tasks such as determining your target market and picking out social media platforms that match their needs.

Following this social media marketing checklist will help your campaign succeed.

Step 1: Determine social media demographics of your target audience

The first social media campaign checklist task should be to determine the demographics of your target audience. The social media site should be the right platform for the social group you are targeting.

Facebook, the social media network popular with 65 percent of social media users in America (Marketing Charts), is suited for social groups that range from 13 to 55 years old. For social groups older than 55, networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ are better platforms to reach them.

Step 2: Pick social sites that your target audience uses daily

The next task on this social media marketing checklist is determining which social site your target market returns every day. There are so many options that it can be difficult to figure out what platform will work best to reach your audience. One way to simplify things is by picking one or two social sites that they visit every day.

An example social media site is social news site Reddit. Every day, Reddit users visit the social site to share, vote on and comment on content submitted by other users.

Step 3: Notify your contacts of new social sites you are using.

Brand managers should use this step of the social media campaign checklist for social sites that are not well known among your social network or for niche social sites. If you introduce a social media campaign, notify them that you have signed up for this new platform, so it doesn’t come off as spammy when they see your posts there. The last thing you want is someone unfollowing your social account because they don’t understand why exactly you need two Twitter accounts or why one.

An example of a social media demographic using social media sites like Twitter and Instagram would be millennials, people under 30 years old. An example of a social group that would not use these sites is senior citizens who may not understand how to use social media or even own a smartphone.

Step 4: Find out what social networks they are already using before trying others.

Your customers may be already active on other social platforms, so it’s important to find this information before wasting time on unneeded platforms. Using Google Analytics can show you which social sites your customers are active on.


Step 5: Get social media campaign ideas from social networks

Information from social media demographics can help you develop social media campaign ideas that will fit your target social network perfectly. For instance, hashtags like #ThrowbackThursday could be an effective social media idea for a company selling products to seniors if the goal is to make sales by getting customers to share their memories.

It’s important to learn about social groups before implementing social media marketing campaigns because this will contribute to your success and avoid mistakes that could cost you time and money. Following these three steps before starting any social media campaign should increase ROI (returns on investment). If you follow this simple checklist, social media marketing will be easier.

Step 6: Determine social network goals.

Social networks vary in goals for social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc. These different goals lead to various ways of engaging with customers through these platforms, so look into each social site’s terms before selecting what platform would work best for your company’s social goals.

Step 7: Define social media KPIs (key performance indicators) for social media campaigns.

Social media KPIs are social measurements of success, so social media managers know the social site is doing what it is supposed to do. For example, you may want website visits or social shares.

Select social KPIs that are effective for your social media goals.

Step 8: Implement social media marketing campaigns

You have done all the social media campaign checklist tasks, so now it’s time to implement social media marketing campaigns. Use these social sites for brand awareness, sales, customer support, or customer loyalty possibilities are limitless, so get started today!

Once your social media marketing checklist tasks are completed, you will be ready to start a social media campaign and see results with exciting numbers! Looking to run a social media campaign in Miami? Contact us today for help! We are our social media experts and can help you create and execute a campaign that will be successful for your business endeavors.