Linkedin ads allow companies to target their ads and it even helps entice advertisers with special offers for campaigns. Linkedin ads can be an affordable way to get your business in front of the right people and gain a competitive edge. Linkedin also gives you an edge by awarding those who use their ads with a 25% discount on your qualifying Linkedin jobs, as long as you keep advertising with Linkedin.

Around 15% of the top 50% of most profitable businesses in America use Linkedin ads to get their name out there and connect with potential clients. Follow the following guide for more information about PPC services in Miami and advertising on Linkedin.

What are Linkedin Ads?

Linkedin ads marketing can be a great way to get in front of your target market or new leads. LinkedIn ads marketing is less expensive than other forms of marketing but allows for very targeted results. This article will walk you through how to make Linkedin work with a low budget and specific tips on what kind of campaign you can run from the Linkedin ad manager page.

How to Run Your Ad Campaign

To run an ad on LinkedIn, first, go to the Linkedin ads manager by looking up “ads” online or clicking “Add An Ad.” Then click “in your company’s home page” (underneath the select image). This action will take you right into the ad creation section, where you can set up your ad. If you already have a Linkedin company page, click “How would you like to advertise?” and select the option for sponsored updates. Then follow the prompts from there.

Set Up Goals For Your Campaign

Before setting up your Linked ad with a small budget, it is essential to determine what campaign objective best suits your business. Linkedin provides several different purposes that will help guide the conversation with potential clients. LinkedIn will automatically generate keywords for your ads by choosing which one applies to you, showing them only to people interested in that subject rather than wasting money on irrelevant clicks.

Launch Your Ad Campaign

After setting up an objective, Linkedin will walk you through creating your ad checklist. It is vital to make your headline catchy enough to draw interest while also sticking closely to the Linkedin guidelines. You only have thirty characters for the headline so make it count! Linkedin ads are very image-heavy, so make sure not to skimp on this section. Linked recommends making an eye-catching, informative image that can convey some of what makes your company different without veering into the area of being cheesy or overdone. For further tips on creating paid ads, check out this guide.

Targeting your Audience

Before running a Linkedin campaign, some research into what kind of audience is most likely to be interested in your company or product can help better the results of an ad. Linkedin allows you to target by demographics, job title, seniority level, country, and industry. It means that small businesses can highly target Linkedin ads both geographically and demographically for different types of services.

If your business primarily targets small businesses within a specific location, LinkedIn is well-suited to finding potential clients with these specifications. Linkedin also lets users select who they want to exclude from seeing their ads; this is helpful if you are targeting a particular group but don’t want anyone outside of it to see your ad accidentally (such as running an ad only open to female CEOs in accounting firms rather than male or female CEOs). Linkedin will also track your ads and let you know how well they are performing as time goes on.

Linkedin Ads Marketing Tips and Tricks

When setting up Linkedin ad campaigns, much like Facebook ads, LinkedIn allows advertisers to “boost” their posts, meaning that clients can set any page updates or sponsored updates to appear in users’ news feeds (except for specific exclusions such as those who have already followed your company).

This feature is a great way to create an initial interaction with potential clients by starting a conversation around something you’ve posted. If it’s relevant and exciting enough, Linked In may even click through to read about your product or services! Linkedin provides several tips for creating successful LinkedIn ads on their help page. Linkedin can be a handy tool for businesses interested in creating LinkedIn ads but don’t have the budget to spend on costly television ad campaigns or radio spots. Linkedin allows firms to reach tightly targeted audiences while still being able to keep within a small budget, making Linkedin ads an excellent resource for promoting your brand!


Other Platforms

LinkedIn’s popularity grows, and more and more companies use this advertising platform to improve their branding efforts. For example, conference organizers use Linkedin ads to promote events; Linkedin lets users filter by seniority level, so if you want your event advertised explicitly toward executives, Linkedin will be sure that is what it delivers. Linkedin ads are also highly affordable, making Linkedin a great place to start for businesses looking to advertise online. Linkedin lets advertisers tailor their ads by precise specifications, which can be challenging to find on other sites. Linkedin is tailored toward business professionals, which allows companies interested in targeting these audiences to make an impact with Linked Ads.

What You Need To Know About The Platform

All you need to create Linkedin ad campaigns is a Linkedin company page and something to promote. Once you have that setup, LinkedIn will guide you through creating your first ad! Linkedin offers several helpful resources for learning how to use their site, including free webinars, Help tutorials, or customer service assistance if needed. Linkedin ads are an excellent option for small businesses, as Linkedin even offers monthly advertising specials to help entice potential advertisers. Linkedin allows their clients to target specific demographics, so if your company or product is catered toward a particular audience, Linkedin will make sure that’s who sees your ad!

The Multiples Feature of Linkedin

LinkedIn has recently added new features to further increase the success of Linkedin ads ideas. Now Linkedin users have an option between two different types of ads: InMail and Sponsored InMails. InMails appear directly in the LinkedIn inboxes of those you’re trying to reach. At the same time, Sponsored Inmails can be targeted toward those with similar interests and LinkedIn users in similar companies. Linkedin even helps advertisers figure out their best possible Linkedin adoptions, with features like one-click enabling/disabling of ads or the option to create two different types of campaigns (one for desktop and one for mobile).

This feature allows you to quickly act upon the results gained from previous Linkedin ads while still giving yourself room to experiment! Linkedin has even set up a dedicated help page for understanding what Linkedin ads are all about. Linkedin offers several online resources that will teach potential advertisers how to use Linkedin’s many features. Linkedin is truly an advertiser’s dream come true; it feels personal and professional at the same time, making it ideal for promoting your business.


This article has discussed companies that advertise on Linkedin and the benefits of advertising via Linkedin. Linkedin allows advertisers to create highly targeted ad campaigns that are often cost-effective. Various platforms for advertising are discussed, and tips on how to most effectively use these advertisements.