Content marketing is quickly becoming a serious factor in how companies generate leads. The industry lexicon refers to it as “pull marketing”, or the ability to draw customers to a brand through search engine optimization (SEO). The goal is to strengthen consumer awareness of a brand and products.

Let’s look at some reasons why we can’t ignore the power of content marketing.

The behavior of buyers has changed forever

There are 88 billion…with a B…searches a month on Google. That converts into 57 percent of Internet users who search the Web every day, 46 percent of which are searches for information on products or services, while 20 percent of monthly searches on Google are for local businesses (Source: Hubspot).

Developing “pulling” content is the top of the funnel that needs to be filled on a daily basis. This area is the capture point to attract new leads. It means you are listening and learning what your potential customers are saying and doing. You must be aware of the conversation people are having about you or your industry. At this point, you develop and nurture online groups of people who are interested in your product or service. One of the best ways to absorb that information is through Social Media Channels.

Now that you know…it’s time to cuddle

You’ve learned, you’ve listened and now it’s time to tuck that content in for the night. Kick start your nurturing skills and let’s develop those connections. Instead of forcing your specific selling strategy on your customer, let’s nurture a buying process. This mean’s staying in contact with your customer and being patient. Keep touching these prospects with rich and dynamic content and let that connection be nurtured. It does takes time for this middle part of the funnel and depending on your product or service, this process will begin to take shape.

All these connections are done in several ways – get your content published, promoted, printed, distributed through social media channels, industry websites, forums and online communities. Main goal is to get your content and message out to the right places and right people.

Learn and Convert

You have them now. You’ve got them to engage and respond to your pull marketing. Your content has been appropriate and meaningful. You must measure the success and learn how to retain the customer and get them to do the talking (selling) for you. This bottom part of the funnel is where you tweak your knowledge and nurturing. Find what works and what doesn’t…rinse and repeat!

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