Centering your agency around the incentives of content marketing can pay dividends for your business for the foreseeable future. If you invest the time and money into making this work, it will do wonders in accurately representing your brand.

If you put your knowledge and expertise into practice in your own business as far as content marketing is concerned, the following list of ideas could prove to be useful in turning a profit and converting leads.

Since every business is making a transition towards an online market, the demand for high-quality content in these formats is growing by the second.

With this being said, it’s opening up plenty of space for content marketing professionals to put their skills to good use.

If you have the required expertise to excel in this field, the following ideas would help you utilize the current state of digital marketing to your advantage.

Writing Your Own Blogs

One of the easiest ways to garner online recognition for your brand is by creating and publishing your own web content in the form of blogs, newsletters, ebooks, and much more!

By putting out regular pieces of content on a daily or weekly basis, you are well on your way to gathering a large following for your business.

Additionally, you can make some money by composing guest posts and other pieces of sponsored content for your clients. Did you know that some blog posts have the ability to generate over $100,000 a month in revenue?

You can easily turn a profit by investing the resources into putting together a seasoned content team that can publish these posts, accurately helping in the pursuit of efficiently representing your brand.

Create A Strong Social Media Presence

In order to be successful with your content marketing campaigns, you have to ensure that your team is working diligently to bring about a large following for your business.

This is where having a strong social media presence comes into play here. Being active on platforms like Facebook and Twitter will do wonders in helping you to generate leads, more importantly, it will help you greatly in connecting with your audience.

Well-managed social media accounts will help in putting the spotlight on your website and its services.

Embed SEO Analytics Into Your Content

The reason for many businesses depending on the assistance of content marketing is because they want to improve their search engine rankings. Should you offer off-page SEO as part of a premium content package to your consumers, it will be hard for them to turn down these incentives that you are willing and able to provide.


If you fear that you don’t have the experience or extensive knowledge to push this on potential clients, there is no shame in collaborating with businesses that are more well-versed in these areas, especially if it means that both parties are going to benefit from this relationship.

In doing so, you would be perfecting this service, making for a more useful service for your clients.

Utilize Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a phrase that defines a promotional method centered around collaboration which has become a force multiplier in more recent times.

In the grand scheme of things, this method is dependent on mutual exchange of content through networks that can facilitate the need of automated delivery.

There is a wide variety of affiliate programs to make a selection from with many business models, most of these bring up 50% of the revenue generated by the partner that you are working to promote.

Subscriptions And Building A Following

As previously mentioned, having a strong presence online will benefit you greatly in bringing in a large following.

Subscriptions are different from premium content in that subscriptions, which the consumer pays for, promises to put out ongoing content, over a certain period of time.

Products And Bringing In Revenue

Win revenue includes the creation and distribution of content with the goal of putting out certain products and services. Your content marketing strategy could help a great deal in pushing out your products in such a seamless manner, which helps you bring in a consistent revenue stream in no time.

Repurposing Existing Content

Much like social media promotion, repurposing your content is effective when you are publishing it on the appropriate channels.

Although repurposing requires more effort to publish on these sites, presenting your content in a variety of formats is vital for scoring and retaining your leads.

This is especially true in an era where content isn’t enough to be a driving force on its own.

When you consider some of the astonishing statistics in regards to visual content, it’s crystal clear that we need to put more emphasis on other areas than just the written content.

  • Tweets and Facebook posts including imagery will garner more attention, than posts that don’t have it.
  • Infographics are liked and and are shared 3 times more than other pieces of content
  • Three-quarters of marketers note that working towards implementing video marketing has a direct impact on their business.

How about using repurposed content in a video format? YouTube is on the rise with a loyal fan base that accounts for 1 billion active users.

Having said that, 92% of mobile users are exchanging videos with one another. All in all, there’s potential to go viral with your video marketing efforts.

Important tip for bloggers: We live in a society, for better or worse, where our audience would much rather watch a video than sift through a lengthy blog post, especially if the blog is about a topic that is hard to understand or it’s simply not interesting.

Turning your blog posts into videos not only gives your content more exposure, but also allows you to have more opportunities with SEO, as far as keywords are concerned.

Shooting video is very simple to do, even more so when you have a video team that is able to produce and distribute the content in a timely manner. Your blog post can act as a script for the videos you are trying to make.