Once after writing your blog post, the next thing that comes across you mind would be to post it to the relevant category you have planned it for, and maybe get one or two images to reach average optimization. A good number of CMS platforms may let you do even more that this to ensure your contents reach the moderate SEO and user readability.

For blogs to convert and really do what you want them to do, they must be great, meaningful, strategic, and have a sense of purpose. Sometimes, not all the qualities are met during writing, or even before the beginning of your writing project. And hence the need for some revisions, corrections and possible edits before finally publishing it online.

Here are some things to do often whenever you have exhaustively invested your time into writing some of the best blog posts you think.

Do SEO Integration

SEO is very relevant for all blogs, be it a business blog, or fun blog. These helps push it a bit towards the competition and creating chances of  being assigned a place/position on  search engine results. Here is what main thing to do…Scan through your contents and pick out the regular occurring words (the main phrases in the title as well as content body), place them in the google keyword research free tool. Pick the top searches as shown in the results and optimize them properly in content and keyword.

Syndication  Feed RSS

A standout amongst the most capable and misconstrued systems of a blog is its RSS channel. RSS stands in for Really simple syndication strategy and the good thing about it , it permits you to automatically feed your blog’s content to a wide range of places, including many social media networking sites across the web.

Short your URL

In most CMS platforms, you’ll get your url mentioned as “slugs”. Once, before posting your article to the internet, endeavor to copy and paste to services offering shorteners to urls. Example are in the likes of bit.ly, Ow.ly, Cli.gs etc. it’s a smart move, and has the tendency to speed up visibility chances.

Content teasers on social media

A many websites out there are accommodating and permits content promotion on their sites as long as they fall inline with the community and are valuable. Platforms like the Linkedin Forum, Linkedin Answers, Facebook groups etc will permit you that. Share up your contents on this sites, if not in full, at least, the prolegomenon intro of the post with backlinks to your site.

Do some social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is also very important that you would want to neglect it in a haste. Research for at least three free or paid high ranking social bookmarking sites and share your contents.