The introduction of Content Management System

Content management system, which is popularly known as CMS has really made a very big difference in the face of web industry. It has also made it possible for virtually web designers and their graphics counterparts to set up a running website. Within a very short period of time, even without visiting any Web design institute, even as you know, self study and personal grooming can ultimately help you achieve greater results.

2016 has come and now until now the cotton is gradually drawing to a very favorable end with the likes of Content Management systems like WordPress, Magento, and Joomla etc making it up the list of most notable and patronized CMS platforms.

Do you care to know about what 2017 would bring? There is every possibility that some new stunning and ass-kicking CMS platforms are still on the way. And the web community would certainly be very delighted to welcome updated technologies in these forthcoming packages. Some of the known CMS platforms which are sure to make fabulous booms in the year 2017 still include the uprising Joomla and Drupal.

Let’s have a glance at some of the Top Five Trending CMS Platforms that would still make it extensively to the year 2016. Some of them include:


Drupal is a very amazing CMS that is currently coming up to leverage on its functionalities. Don’t be so surprised that you will need the Drupal CMS to create interactive websites more than you may be using the likes of WordPress and other notable platforms.

Just like the popular WordPress CMS, Drupal is more likely to saturate the market, making a very big boom. With the fast rise in development of the platform, its application in universities and schools of designs, and its inclusion in curriculum courses nowadays, students and upcoming developers are more likely to find it innovative; and perhaps discovering something more in it.


What is your thought about WordPress? Do you really think WordPress will crash at the twilight of the year 2016? It is very certain that WordPress will live up to survive the challenges and oppositions from contending CMS’s. WordPress is indeed another very exclusive CMS platform for the year 2017. So don’t be fast to conclude on it.


Magento is popularly renown in the field of ecommerce development, as well as other CMS platforms in the likes of OpenCart, ZenCart etc.

The Magento application is intuitive, rational and does is mostly used at least 50% of modern website customization process of online stores, ecommerce portals. magento is consistently updated, thus revealing more appealing features and functionalities to enhance the platform.


Want an alternative to WordPress? Here comes “Joomla”. The Joomla is very recognized as a very notable CMS which should be thought in web development schools. It is already very factual that top web designing schools are now taking the platform into consideration, inclusion into IT curriculum, very serious and bringing it to the knowledge of students.


OpenCart and ZenCart are also reliable and very flexible ecommerce development platforms. Creating fabulously designed online shopping websites with CMS platforms like the OpenCart and ZenCart demands specialized knowledge and idea on the system and how it works.