The behind the scenes look at our shoot with one of Broward County’s most inspiring non-profits.

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Here at Paton Marketing, the only thing we love more than producing amazing content for our partners is shining a light on organization’s that make a real difference in the community!


This week, the Paton team had the pleasure of hosting a series of interview shoots, for one of Broward County’s most successful, and influential non-profit organizations, HANDY!
HANDY has been changing the lives of children and young adults since 1985.
The non-profit has tailored itself to meeting the needs of children—of all ages—in foster care, and others who face a variety of difficult life circumstances, for over thirty-five years!  Handy has been an influential force in the development of educational and career programs, as well as scholarships for children in need!
Our team was thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase such an amazing community network!

But, before the interviews can begin, the right team needs to form together. A team, that is capable of capturing the energy and excitement buzzing about the studio, on camera. Luckily, at Paton we have the dream team at our disposal; Michelle as our executive cinematographer, Mateo as lead video producer and cameraman, and Enrique as our production assistant, and second, masterful cinematographer on hand. After the team has been assembled, and properly caffeinated—the real work begins!

A fun fact about filming inside of the studios—everyone who enters the studio floor, saran wraps their shoes!


Because the plastic wrap actually acts as a color quality protectant, keeping the studio floor clean, pristine, and ready for the screen!

Setting up for an in-studio shoot is drastically faster than an outdoor shoot, simply because the majority of the lighting fixtures and camera tripods, have already been previously set up in the studio, cutting the set up time almost in half.


Camera Prep

Michelle and Mateo ensure that all batteries are charged, memory cards are backed up, and wiped for more space; cameras and field monitors are placed on their designated tripods, and set to capture high-quality images, while Enrique begins sound checks.

After double, and triple checking battery charges, and camera quality—we move on to the next phase. Lighting.

Setting the Stage

When it comes to filming inside of the studio–lighting is just as important as sound quality.

It is imperative to the filming process that the lighting is neither too dim, nor too bright. Otherwise, each scene filmed will ultimately end up on the cutting room floor.

After lighting is perfected, it’s time for a sound check!

The team assembles several wireless microphone packs for our interviewees to wear comfortably, and Enrique sets up the Boom. The boom operator is the studio’s secret weapon! The boom is essentially a large microphone that picks up extra sound bites, helping to filter out any unwanted noise that is cluttering the background.

While the final product from a shoot always looks immaculate, there is so much work, equipment, and time, needed to curate the perfect shot. After the rest of the equipment has been set up—all we do now is wait for our interviewees to arrive. Then it’s…

Lights. Camera. Action!

If you would like to learn more about HANDY, donate to the cause, or take a look at the interviews from the Paton shoot.

Hit the link below!