This week at Paton Marketing we had the opportunity to showcase Susan Mussaffi– the founder and creator of Apura Farms, a plant-based, meatless product line that has completely reinvented the way that consumers look at veganism and healthy diet choices! The ultimate goal of Apura farms is to create comfort and traditional meals– meat-free!



It has become a common theme for many Americans to rely heavily on a diet of fast food and hormone-filled meat products, instead of preparing healthy, nutrient-packed meals at home. Apura Farms has managed to create three versatile, meat replacement substitutes that will resonate with every palette and can be made in thirty minutes or less!

Before Susan began her journey as a pioneer in the health and food industry, she was the owner of a fried chicken restaurant. After several years of serving and consuming fried, oversaturated foods- Susan’s perspective on both meat products and animal welfare began to weigh heavily on her mind and she knew it was time to make a change, she converted to a plant-based diet. Almost immediately after making the change to a plant-based diet, Susan began to see the numerous health benefits that resulted from consuming fresh, wholesome foods and removing over-processed “junk food” from her diet!

After seeing such major changes in her overall health and energy levels- Susan was inspired to share her knowledge with the world and her close friends, especially, Jordan David. Jordan is the creator of Conscious Muscle, a brand dedicated to curating plant-based nutrition guides and exercise regimes for both gym enthusiasts and beginners alike. Jordan was inspired by Susan to change his traditional meat-filled diet of a “stereotypical bodybuilder” to a plant-fueled diet. For Jordan, the switch to veganism was such a life-changing experience that he has become a dedicated animal activist and currently operates an animal sanctuary, “Friends Not Food Rescue” in Loxahatchee, Fl.





This week, the Paton team welcomed Susan and Jordan to our home studio for a new and exciting project, ‘Chef it Up’; this is a brand new video series that showcases how easy it is to create fresh and organic meals at home. It is a common misconception that making a change to a vegan diet can be a time-consuming experience and not-so-budget friendly. The creative genius behind this new video series is Tyrone Byers, Paton’s in house media director.  He was responsible for the aesthetic design and coordination of this project. For episode one, Tyrone and Susan decided to showcase the very first Apura Farms product, “Eazy Beanzy”. Here you can see for yourself how easy clean eating can be!


Apura Farms is an up-and-coming brand that is becoming a culinary staple in Whole Foods stores all over Florida! Along with the help of Paton Marketing’s team, Susan Mussafi’s vision of a healthy and vegan lifestyle will be able to reach as many people as possible and change their lives for the better. You can find these amazing healthy products in Whole Foods supermarkets in South Florida.


Be on the lookout for part 2 of the Chef it up story!!!