This week, we were fortunate enough to be able to speak to and invite some film students from Florida Atlantic University to a private tour of our facilities.


Here at Paton Marketing, we are lucky enough to be ingratiated within the South Florida community, and as such surrounded by such incredible institutions like Florida Atlantic University.


The tour began at our editing booth. Often undervalued, our editing booth is fundamental to the creation of the work we do here at Paton. Alongside editing, the editing booth is also where we are able to construct live broadcasts for projects that might require it. After, the students were introduced to our main studios.


At our South Florida campus, we are fortunate enough to have not one, but two main film studios. Studio A is home to our Dominate Your Industry workshops. These workshops are hosted by our CEO, Todd Paton. We also have two home-style kitchens, both fully functioning and used frequently for a number of different clients; most notably for our “Chef It Up” series on Instagram, a segment for the vegan food company Apura Farms, where we walk step by step through several of their vegan recipes.


The studios always get great reactions from first-time guests, but the pièce de résistance is always our cyc wall.




A cyc wall is a seamless white wall that envelops the subject in a space that seems to go on forever. Director of Content Marketing, Ryan Leschel explained how the wall achieves its notable infinite look and shared a story about his first impression of the wall when he was just starting out.


The entire cyc wall can also be turned into a massive green screen. We recently did a project for our Paton Team using this technique.  We were glad to be able to share the finished product with the visiting students. We were then able to dissect and discuss the techniques used to create these special effects.


A number of the students were interested in the editing side of the film industry and had several great questions about the software and techniques used in the project. Our top-notch media team led by Visual Media Director, Tyrone Byers, were happy to answer all of their questions and to talk with them about the latest and greatest gear.


The students then shared with us some of the things they have been working on and expressed some of their aspirations post-graduation. Sharing our projects and ideas, and the students sharing their love for the craft of filmmaking; this was perhaps one of the most enjoyable parts of the tour. It was a great opportunity for us not only to inspire, but to be inspired by their creativity and hard work. We look forward to having a greater impact in our community and hearing more about these students and their progress. At Paton Marketing, we have always been proud of our interns from Florida Atlantic University, and we aspire to develop future marketers and filmmakers.