Today at Paton Marketing, we are revamping the look and feel of our website. Over the last few months, our team has expanded to include a few fresh faces. Thus today, our cinematographer, Michelle Coulson and our tremendous photographers on the Media Team have set up a photo-shoot to aid in the development of our website.


It’s fair to say without a website, you will fail as a business. Most businesses online own a website. But just having a site is insufficient. To truly succeed online, you will need a fully optimized website that is detailed and responsive.


As a marketing agency that specializes in website development, we continue to find ways to change and adapt our website to the current environment. Interactivity has been proven to attract and retain a customer’s attention onto a website, and if you can combine interactivity with your business’ service and the knowledge of your expertise in a creative manner, you’ll have a successful equation for increasing traffic flow to your company’s website. Blog pages, videos, pictures, and social media pages all contribute to expanding your brand and your reach.


Blog Page

It is recommended that as a business, you should have a blog. Blog pages are a good way of increasing and directing online traffic to your website. With the constant publication of informative blogs that answer prevalent questions users have, your business will grow exponentially through the increased number of clicks to your website. By updating your blog page frequently you can increase the likelihood of a return from potential clients.


Social Media

Social media is another effective way to increase online traffic flow to your site. To ensure social media’s effectiveness, you should include links to your social media accounts and link these pages back to your website. Employing social sharing buttons on your website serves as the best means of converting prying eyes into potential customers.  Every channel you create outside your website should lead potential clients and viewers back to your site. In our industry, this is called inbound marketing.


Video and Images

Most people tend to assimilate information visually, so by creating videos or photos showing clients what you can do instead of just explaining it, you will help to build reassurance concerning their investment in your company. If clients can see what you produce, particularly for other clients, they will have a better understanding of your intentions while being provided with a detailed visualization of the work they could potentially receive.


Next, you need to optimize your website visually. Add color and vibrancy to your website. The more eye-catching it is, the more likely people will stick around. Consider your website as your business’ headquarters. Find new and creative ways to allow your employees to express themselves.


For example at Paton Marketing, instead of allowing our company headshots to depict the picture of our company, we have created GIFs as the signature stamp on each individual’s email.


Why are the GIFs so effective?

“The GIFs give a face to the email, a signature, along with the [employee’s] contacts” states Enrique Delgado. The GIFs serve to show clients and future partners the fun and engaging individuals we have here at the company.


In order to create the perfect GIF, multiple shots need to be taken. Using a camera with a high frame rate, we can create moving images. To make each GIF unique, each employee comes in with an idea of what best describes their position, and within minutes a GIF is created. For his GIF, Fabian Lobos states, “I want it to say that I change things because I’m an editor”. The hardest part of creating a GIF is certainly finding a unique and engaging way to explain what you do, but if illustrated effectively, a GIF provides an enjoyable and welcomed difference to the traditional email chain.


Creating small pieces of content in this manner really goes a long way at selling your brand. If you can continue to find creative ways to provide more than what is expected, you will effectively set yourself apart from the competition.