Creating engaging and well-designed content is not easy. Making content is a creative process that requires lots of time, energy, and money. Repurposing your content can be a lot of work, but it is a great way to make money for your business.

Repurposing content involves taking previous content you have used and finding other ways to reformat it for financial gain. This could be repurposing your content into an ebook, infographic, guest post, social media post, and much more.

Repurposing content is a great way to connect with new audiences. When you repurpose your content, you may develop different ideas that make your current content that much better.paton-squar-logo

Throughout this blog, we will explain the different kinds of content that can be repurposed so that you can make the most out of your money. Repurposing content can be like thrift shopping. When you find that piece of content that works perfectly for being reused, it can be like striking gold.

At Paton Marketing, we believe that all content is good content. No matter how small the content is, it’s always useful to maximize range in all forms.

How Can I Turn One Piece of Content Into Multiple Pieces of Content?

Content comes in quite a few styles or formats. Content could be distributed through a live stream, a blog post, podcast, or social media post. Here are a few ways to reuse some of your content.

Start by creating a webinar. This webinar has multiple slides, a full script and will make it easier for repurposing your content. This will connect you to new audience members. In many cases, you may be able to charge a small fee for your webinar if you already have a large following.

Now that you already have a full script of content created from your webinar, you will be able to share these slides online or on your website. This can be done for a small fee. Since you have already put in the time and effort in creating this content, there’s no reason to let it go to waste.

Be sure that you recorded your webinar because you will want to re-use it to post short clips on social media to increase your engagement and views. Posting small reels or even bloopers of your webinar will keep your users engaged and entertained.

You can even turn this recorded content into a podcast or a short e-book. Of course, you will want to transcribe your webinar into a blog post to share on your website. Be sure to research the different kinds of keywords that relate to your webinar. That way, you can attract other members of your audience.

It is smart to create an email list when conducting your webinar. Encourage people to subscribe and sending out weekly or even daily emails with inspiring quotes, useful information, or relevant information about your company.

How Can I Repurpose my Content for Marketing Purposes?

When you are repurposing your content for Repurposing-Contentmarketing purposes,it’s essential to focus on improving your SEO and engagement. SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is one of the most critical aspects of producing eye-catching content when trying to turn a profit. With SEO, there are many different things that drive people to the content you have created.

You can repurpose your content to expand on an existing blog piece that you’ve already written. You may want to think about expanding on a blog that did significantly better than others you have written.

For example, suppose you did affiliate marketing with a company, and you reviewed one of their products that your followers enjoyed. In that case, you could do a follow-up about the product or review something similar.Repurpose-my-Content-2

Creating infographics is excellent as well. Platforms such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook are right platforms to start on. Infographics are essential for laying out the main pieces of your content.

Update your old blogs. Content is continuously changing, and so are the statistics. When rewriting your old blog post, change the headlines to enhance the engagement. You’ll also want to add a note to the blog to make the audience aware of when it was initially published.

Repurpose your Highest Performing Contentwhat-is-web-analytics-guide

Take a look at your website analytics to find out what pieces of content did well. This could be their organic reach linking structure shares or any other performance statistics available.

Repurposing your highest performing content will not only make you the money on your return on investment (ROI), but it will help in building up your business too.

Research, Some of Your Competitors

Researching your competitors or even their analytics is a good way to improve your content and digital footprint. You could even consider collaborating with one of your competitors. This is another method of engaging with your desired demographic.

Guest Post

Posting on forums that offer guest posts is a great way to repurpose your content for money. Guess posts are great ways to tag backlinks that spread your content as well as keywords. They can reach a vast target audience and drive more traffic to your site.

When Done Correctly, Content Repurposing Saves you Time and Moneyrepurpose-content

Your content is a little piece of you. You spent time curating, designing, and publishing this content. If you want to improve your return on investment, it’s essential to treat your content as your child. It needs nurturing, love, care, and attention. When you take care of your content it will continue to produce for you.

Pro tip: remember that content with images always gets more views and shares. People love to see funny pictures along with their content. Be sure that these photos are relevant to what you are sharing and that it’s appropriate for your audience.

We hope this blog was helpful and gave you ideas for repurposing your content to make the most money you can. At Paton Marketing, your content is valued, and we want to help you create engaging content that will serve you for years to come.