There’s no way to get around it; there is always constant change when it comes to Google’s algorithm. It’s highly recommended for you to stay up-to-date on how to identify these changes and optimize your SEO ranking.

You’ll want to keep in mind that optimizing your SEO ranking can help build more traffic to your website, which is what you want, right? However, as confusing and complicated as it may be, you can increase your SEO for your website in no time, thanks to this blog!

Getting ranked high on google doesn’t have to be stressful once you know the ins and outs of how Google’s algorithm works. If you’re interested in finding ways to improve your website that correlates with Google’s algorithm then keep reading!

What’s Google’s Algorithm?

First things first, you may be confused as to what an algorithm is and why it’s essential for any website. If so, then you should understand in-depth that an algorithm for Google is how Google can find, rank, and deliver the best relevant research results for the user!

When it comes to Google’s algorithm, the ranking system has multiple analyzed factors when someone searches for a specific query. Some of the key factors that are identified when giving the user the highest-ranked search results are listed as:

  • The quality
  • The usability of the page
  • How relevant the page is

You want your website to be one of the highest-ranked search results when someone is searching for a query that matches what you have on your site, right? If so, then there’s plenty of ways you can help increase your chances of being placed high in the search results.

How to Grow Your Business Through Google’s Algorithm

Since there are over 200 factors regarding Google’s algorithm and considering how overwhelming it may be trying to learn all 200 elements, there must be a simpler way to help, and there is! You can optimize your on-page SEO to grow your business successfully.

Did you know that if you want to optimize your SEO to help you rank higher, you’ll need to get a score above 80 for your SEO? If you didn’t, then no worries at all!

You can get your score above 80 in a decent time frame if you’re willing to put in the time and effort! Some tools to consider using if you need help with your SEO strategy to gain more traffic to your site ultimately would be:

These tools can help you identify your monthly traffic flow, the number of backlinks you have, and what is broken or any errors that you may have.


What Google’s Algorithm Looks For When Ranking Websites

The way Google thoroughly analyzes information to rank the best websites and have a high SEO score can be very helpful for those wanting to implement a better content strategy for your business. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with what Google looks for and how you can be a top-ranked website in no time!

The significant insights of how Google’s algorithm ranks sites that can impact your website’s SEO for better or for worse are listed below:

  • Various user intents – since there’s plenty of situations where identifying a user intent often consists of more than one, Google aims to show the links to the most popular and relevant user intents before the others
  • Search results that are being ordered by the user intent – you’ll want to realize that links aren’t the only thing that helps a website rank to the top spot, so this means that search results for one meaning of a keyword may not be ranked as high as another form of the keyword due to user intent
  • It’s not all about links when it comes to search results – since Google’s algorithm is constantly changing throughout the years, you should know that search results aren’t just solely about links. It seems as if the most relevant user intent is considered to be what determines what websites are ranked on the top for Google
  • When people search for results, they find exactly what they want to see – Google wants to show the users exactly what they’re searching for since this can cause a positive experience for the user, this means that they will show whatever it takes to satisfy the user so don’t be afraid to find out what this could be so your website shows up high on the search results
  • When a site drops in ranking, this can be due to user intent – if you have ever wondered why your site has dropped in ranking then it would be beneficial for you to know that this could be related to user intent, more specifically from how Google interprets the user intent
  • Click log data can help when figuring out user intent – click log data can often help when Google is determining the user intent, multiple search engines just like Google have the tools and technology to calculate where mobile users are spending the most time on when it comes to a search result, this can result in finalizing the entire user’s experience and satisfaction level

You CAN Get Your Site to Rank HIGH on Google!

If you ever feel discouraged or overwhelmed when it comes to trying to rank high on Google, then just know that you can do this! You can help build more traffic to your site by optimizing your SEO as well as creating a better strategy that will make your site pop up the most when a specific query is being asked.

As confusing as Google’s algorithm may be, you can always find ways to improve your website and reach your goal of driving more organic traffic your way! Hopefully, you were able to gain additional insight into how Google’s algorithm works and how you can improve your chances of ranking high on Google!