The use of video marketing examples has increased over the past few years. Businesses are starting to realize they can create personalized videos for customers, they can use them in advertisements on social media, and more. Video marketing is trending because it’s an effective way to grab someone’s attention when you only have seconds before the click back. People like visual content, whether that be written or video. Video allows companies to bring customers into their world in ways that words cannot describe or hold anyone’s attention for very long.

Video marketing exists on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube just to name a few. Video can be used in ads with subtitles, callouts where the video pauses momentarily to share information about their product with potential customers, or just solely videos with no text or distractions so people can watch, learn more if they want by visiting the website link at the end of the ad.

What makes video so effective? One reason video marketing is so powerful is that it’s engaging. The average viewer remembers 90% of a video’s message, compared to 10% of written content.

The following examples have all caught on trending because of how successful they were at getting viewers’ attention by making them laugh or teaching them something new. Below are 10 trending video marketing examples from popular brands. Some of these examples were used to advertise or promote products, others were simply created for fun.

1. Old Spice Man

Informational video examples from Old Spice would make anyone laugh or want to buy their product just because of how entertaining and comical it is. Old Spice was one of the very first companies that started video marketing when it first became popular in the 2010s. They are most well known for their hilarious video ads that feature Isaiah Mustafa, who plays the role of the Old Spice Man in the videos. He has starred in many video campaigns for Old Spice Body Wash, Old Spice Deodorant, and Old Spice Hair products.

2. Panda Doc

Panda Doc video marketing has taken an informational video approach. Panda Doc video marketing uses explainer videos to enhance their product features. By providing information about the product, Panda doc video marketing helps customers understand what you offer and why they should choose your products or services over another competitor’s.

Since Panda Doc video marketing takes an informational video approach, it uses information to provide a clear picture Panda Doc’s audience and it’s purpose. Informational video marketing benefits Panda Doc both from the standpoint of satisfying consumer needs and increasing product awareness.

3. GoPro

GoPro is the world’s leading video company which enables people to capture their lives’ most precious moments. GoPro will never settle for anything less than perfection, and that philosophy has made them a video market leader today.

As video marketing is on the rise, GoPro plans to expand its video services by launching a new video service called “Quik“. This is an app that allows video content editing to be done on GoPro devices through intelligent video making services. Through the combination of video marketing and their video production, GoPro has risen to become one of the most successful video marketers in America today.

4. Coca Cola

A brand that has taken full advantage of video marketing in the modern age is Coca Cola. They have a few examples on their official website, which include ‘Share a Coke‘, a Coca-Cola branded photo booth, and the latest installment in their ongoing campaign involving special holiday packaging called “Something In Common”.

These examples show how Coca Cola uses videos to get their message across, but they don’t show how video marketing can establish a whole new image for a brand or generate awareness of an existing brand. For examples of Coca Cola using video marketing for these purposes, we can look at examples from years past such as their “Open Happiness” campaign that was launched in 2009 and showed how Coca-Cola can bring people together.

5. Nike

As of today, Nike continues to generate widespread engagement on social media platforms with videos designed to inspire. In 2016 alone, Nike generated more than 9 billion video views on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. As these examples show, Nike has effectively built their brand by using video marketing to connect with their consumers on a deeper level.

Nike has built its brand by focusing on the value of hard work, endurance, and determination. Nike’s brand is used to develop a tribal following who believe in these values—which are all traits shown in early Nike commercials featuring athletes like Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

6. Budweiser

The goal of Budweiser’s marketing is not simply to make videos for the sake of having another type of content but “to create something that people will discover, remember and share.” Most importantly, they want to tell stories about their products in a way that engages consumers. Budweiser has successfully told many stories through video and has become a prime example of the success that can be achieved through videos online.

Budweiser’s first successful video series was the Bud Light “Dude Perfect” videos. The first video in this series had a very small budget and no promotion or advertising, but soon went on to become the most shared Super Bowl ad of all time as well as one of their most watched YouTube videos . In fact, from 2011-2014, Budweiser has had nine of the ten most shared Super Bowl ads on YouTube. The “Dude Perfect” series was the second highest performing ad on YouTube in 2014 .

7. P&G

Video marketing is becoming more and more popular in the online world. Its because video are easy to make, share, and videos are cheaper compared to ads. P&G has started using examples to market their products and thus increasing their revenue along with gaining buyers who may have been skeptical before watching the videos.

One example is a commercial made about one of their brands, Gain. The commercial is about a woman who does laundry for her family. She makes it seem like an extraordinary task that she endures because of the amount of clothes they go through, but in truth its very easy because Gain helps keep them looking great throughout their day. The commercial shows examples of the hassle that comes with cleaning up after children, but instead of having to do all that work, Gain makes it easy on mom.

People want examples, not just vague promises about the final outcome when using P&G products. The examples in videos help sell their brand because someone who may be skeptical can see the actual result before buying it. This is also an easier way for them to monitor what consumers are saying about their brand. If the consumers are saying something good or bad, they can immediately change it in a new video rather than losing out on sales because of damaged reputation.

8. Benefits Cosmetics

Benefits Cosmetics are quickly gaining a significant online following thanks to video marketing because Facebook video posts are automatically high in video SEO rankings. This means that Benefits Cosmetics’ video will show up quite high in search results when people look for makeup products similar to the ones featured in the video.

Benefits Cosmetics have confirmed this by releasing a video showcasing some of their latest makeup products. This video was uploaded onto Facebook where it has had over 1 million views and counting! The video was shared at least 100,000 times. All of these video views and shares were achieved in just one day!

9. Dove

Their video marketing has taken an emotional direction. Dove video marketing is different from regular video marketing in that it is more about feelings than actual product features. The video below, titled “Real Strength” shows women doing their daily activities such as weightlifting, business negotiations and curling their hair. Dove video marketing creates an emotional connection with the audience that is beneficial to branding and product awareness.

Although Dove video marketing is meant to focus on feelings rather than product features, it still mentions Dove’s products: “Every year we celebrate inspiring real-life stories – moments where beauty comes from within.”

10. Samsung

Samsung video marketing focuses on visual appeal as well as a mixture of both informational video marketing and promotional video marketing. Although a very popular brand, Samsung marketing focuses on video production and content rather than video distribution. Video marketing for Samsung is more about the video itself than it is about video upload sites like YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo.

Samsung video marketing takes an informational video approach by providing information to the consumer through videos that are visually appealing and personable. The video below titled “The New Samsung Galaxy S7, What can it do?” is an example of video marketing that provides information about the product (Samsung Galaxy S7) while still appealing to the specific audience of Samsung video marketing (people who own Samsung phones).

Video marketing has grown into a large industry, with video content being created for almost every type of business or endeavor. Although video has traditionally been cost-prohibitive for small businesses, video marketing examples show video can be effective even on tight budgets. In Paton Marketing we believe that with the right video marketing strategy your videos can be just as successful as these popular brands.