With 60% of businesses using video marketing services and strategies, video is growing in importance for most businesses, but what are the benefits of video marketing, and why should your business consider it?

There are numerous benefits of video marketing that can provide your business with a competitive advantage, but if you’re still not convinced, here are a few video marketing pros.

Keep Your Target Audience Informed

Video marketing allows you to keep your audience informed about your business in a way that is more personal and can make it feel like your business wants to support them.

For example, if you have an appointment-only product where people need to schedule ahead of time, video marketing lets you show customers how easy this process is for them. If they’re not sure what steps are involved in scheduling an appointment, you can use video marketing to give them further information on how much effort is required.

Build Trust With Your Target Audience

If you take the time to produce high-quality videos that offer helpful explanations or feature customer testimonials, viewers will likely begin to see your business as being trustworthy. Additionally, when potential customers see positive comments left by previous customers, it may encourage them to purchase your products.

Early adopters, or those who are more tech-savvy and trendsetters, will be much more likely to take a chance on a product that their peers have proven is worthwhile. Over half of consumers say that they rely on peer reviews when making purchasing decisions. This means that if you want to bring in new customers, you should be making videos that provide them with the opportunity to see what other real people think of your business.

Connect With Customers on Multiple Fronts

If you have a good video marketing strategy, every piece of media you create will benefit your business.

For example, if you create an infographic about how to use your product and link a YouTube video where customers can see the visual representation and hear more about the benefits of using your product, it could be very powerful for increasing brand awareness. On top of this, it’s likely that people who are interested in viewing infographics will also be interested in viewing videos, so they will be even further motivated to check out your video.

Win Business Through Search Engine Optimization

Videos are shared on social media more often than other types of content. Since Google has indicated an interest in favoring websites that are linked to social media sites during rankings calculations, you could see a serious lift with this powerful backlink alone. If you want to become more successful online and with search engine optimization, consider starting a YouTube channel.

If you have a YouTube channel for your business, then every single video you upload will have the potential to help boost your website or blog in Google’s search results. Of course, you can’t just upload any old video. It needs to be optimized for SEO the same way that your website does in order to receive this benefit, but once it is, then every time someone searches for keywords that are mentioned in the tags or description of your video, it could easily show up in the top results.

Improve Your Success in Email Marketing

Whether you’re holding an event, hosting a web conference, or sharing something else important through video, you can easily share it via email. This means that the people who aren’t checking social media all the time will be able to see and take advantage of what you’re offering and pay attention to what you want them to know. Even for the people who do check social media, this tactic can be a clever way to reiterate your message and gain their attention, which could lead them to take action.

These embedded videos inside of an email are a great way to make your clients and potential clients feel personally connected to and cared for by your business, and in fact, email subject lines that include the word “video” help to increase open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65%.

Video marketing is a powerful tool that can be used to enhance your business marketing strategy. It’s worth considering the video marketing benefits above and how your business can use video marketing strategies. If you’re interested in learning more about how video marketing services help businesses grow, Contact Paton Marketing today! Our team of experts based out of Miami will have no problem connecting with your target audience online or offline.