Today we’re going to talk about B2B video marketing and the various ways in which it can benefit your business. In this article, we’ll help you understand what types of B2B video marketing campaigns there are, and provide some insight on their benefits.

What is B2B?

B2B or B to B is an abbreviation for “business-to-business” or “business to business”. It consists of goods and/or services that are traded in the B2B market. B2B transactions can take place between individuals via an online auction site, such as Ebay, but the majority B2B business. B2B companies have been using online videos for years to increase sales and drive traffic to their website . Videos used in conjunction with a blog post will boost its SEO value, making the page more likely to show up on Google or other search engines results pages (SERPs.)

For B2B (Business 2 Business), video marketing should be part of an overall multimedia strategy: many people use the internet to find product and services information and videos allow them to compare products quickly. As we mentioned above, videos can help increase your SEO rankings by providing more content for the search engines to crawl over and index. After reading this article you’ll know what types of B2B video marketing there are, as well as their benefits. Let’s get started!

Types of B2B Video Marketing Campaigns

StumpleUpon recently found that online videos increase traffic by six times , making this type of marketing highly effective at driving visitors to your website. But one video isn’t enough: it’s important to create a cohesive video campaign because each video. There are three main types of B2B video marketing campaigns you can run. The campaigns are: SEO campaigns, Social Media Marketing and Brand Awareness.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – This campaign focuses on how to rank videos in the search engines. It’s important for companies who want their video to be viewed, or whose website has optimized pages for particular searches.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) – Videos produced for social media usually air directly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites where users share videos with friends and followers. This type of campaign you’re focusing on fostering brand awareness.

Brand Awareness Campaigns – This campaign focuses on the company itself, rather than a specific product or service. It can be more challenging to measure results from these types of campaigns, but they are important to building your brand’s credibility. Allow your target audience to see your name again and again throughout the day as they scroll through their various feeds online.

Examples of B2B Video Marketing Content

B2B videos are commonly used online to demonstrate products or services that you offer, to encourage potential clients to visit your website for more information, or as testimonials. As B2B marketers we need to know what types of B2B video content there is so we can use the right type at the right time.

Product Demonstration – Use product demonstration videos to show customers why they should choose your company over others, especially if you have a unique selling point (USP).

Testimonial Videos – This B2B video content is typically viewed by current customers who want to promote their satisfaction with your products or services, and potential customers who may be hesitant about switching from a competitor.

Website Bumpers – Bumper videos explain a new feature on your site in a short video, usually lasting anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds. Bumper B2B videos are an easy way to get viewers up to speed on what’s new without having them go through pages of text.

Online Training Videos – These B2B videos will help you save money by training employees online instead of forking out cash for expensive seminars and conferences. Because these types B2B videos take time to make (potentially hundreds or thousands of hours), they shouldn’t be used too often (or it could prove costly.)

Event Teaser – B2B videos can be used to tease an upcoming event. Tease your B2B videos online with a short clip and social media users will click on the link to learn more. B2B marketers need to decide whether they want the video to go “viral” (i.e., become wildly popular)

Expert Interview – B2B video marketing content can be the result of interviewing B2B experts on a subject related to your industry. Such B2B videos often air as part of an interview series, with each episode focusing on professionals of the field.

Explainers videos ( How-to-do) – B2B marketers can create B2B explainer videos to give viewers a quick explanation of what products and services they offer. B2B explainer videos need to be quick and informative, but B2B video content such as this should also be visually engaging.

Social Media Stories – B2B marketers can use B2B social media videos to engage with B2B video content and B2B audiences. B2B social media stories give viewers a look into your company’s day-to-day operations (including behind the scenes action that you might not show in B2B marketing).

In conclusion, B2B video marketing can be highly effective. B2B businesses have known about the power of B2B video for years, and B2B companies are finally starting to catch on. B2B marketers should invest in B2B video because it has proven itself as an effective way to increase website traffic by up to 300%, generate more leads, improve customer retention rates, boost conversion rates, and educate clients about products or services.