Video marketing is a relatively new phenomenon that small businesses have been able to take advantage of in the past few years. Almost everyone has some familiarity with video, through YouTube or on their TV, and this makes it an ideal promotional tool for any business; but video marketing benefits go beyond merely being popular. Video can be used to do everything from explaining your product to building customer trust, and every business will find at least some way that video could help them promote themselves better.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the use of video content to either promote a business or interact with customers, and it can be used for both promotional and informative purposes. Video marketing benefits range from being able to increase your online presence to just making interactions with your business easier. Video marketing is a video or video advertisement that comes from one of various video creation sources, such as a video camera, video recorder, mobile phone with video recording capabilities, tablet computer and motion graphics.

Video Marketing Benefits

These benefits can help companies understand how video marketing can benefit their company, but video marketing needs to go beyond these examples and show how video marketing works within their own company before being able to convince a business owner that they should invest into video marketing.

Building an Online Presence

The first video marketing benefit comes from its ability to help build an online presence. Websites are important for every business, but video will allow you to have a channel dedicated specifically to reaching your audience on YouTube or another video hosting website. Customers don’t need video channels in order to view videos about your products; all they need is a simple search engine query about what they’re looking for and video results will populate accordingly.

Videos explains topics easily

Video marketing benefits creators by giving them the ability to show how each video works within seconds. This can be done through demonstrations, interviews with experts, or tutorials. Video makes complex ideas easier to understand for people who don’t understand the subject.

Videos can be shared on social media

A video that speaks for itself will need little explanation as to why it’s worth watching, and customers can easily share video content if they think it provides value to their own audience. In addition, video is now one

Video ads can be more engaging

Video ads are way more effective than static advertisements. Some statistics indicate video ads convince the audience through pathos, in other words, human emotions. They are powerful because video is known to elicit feelings of empathy, curiosity, and fear. Videos allow you to connect with your audience through telling stories and explaining complicated things in simple ways.

Videos allow you work with SEO better

Video allows search engines to crawl video content easier and videos will rank for keywords as well. When someone is searching for video SEO, then it means that they are trying to find information about how to rank videos in the search engines better. Video can be created to target a keyword, so videos are more likely to rank for that specific keyword since it was focused on that keyword.

Video can be watched more than once

Studies show that some viewers will watch a video up to 100 times if it interests them. Furthermore, video ads are watched for an average of 1.84 seconds, while the video only has to be 20% different from a video ad to prove more effective and 30% more memorable.

People learn better through video

Studies show that 65% of viewers remember video content and only 10% remember the text. Moreover, Videos are short, these can be used on blog posts to explain a topic in quick sessions.

Video marketing is becoming much easier with the advancements in technology that we have today. There are now websites such as Wistia which make it extremely easy to host video files online without the need for any additional software or technical knowledge. However video marketing is not where it needs to be and video marketers need to continue pushing for new video content that generates leads and makes a business more efficient.