COVID-19 has changed the dynamic of everyday life. However, those who have adopted new digital marketing practices as a result of the pandemic are now seeing positive results. You can look at this time in a pessimistic light or you can view it as an opportunity for growth.

Right now, things are a lot slower in the life of a typical business owner in the United States, or the world for that matter. Take this time to review your internet presence in order to better your internet marketing. We have put together some steps to help get you started!

Online Presence

Before you can begin to put together an award-winning digital marketing plan, take a look at what you are already working with.

How many social media platforms is your brand currently taking advantage of?

The average person spends 2 hours on social media a day, with that number still actively increasing in younger generations. Facebook has over 1.4 billion active users daily! From Twitter to LinkedIn, there is a huge network of people just waiting to be accessed.

Is your website well put together?

Having a website that is pleasing to the eye, full of information and easy to navigate is essential when it comes to retaining leads.

Can your website be found when potential customers perform a search on Google?

Ensure your SEO is up to par so you don’t lose out on sales.

You must establish a solid base before working out the nuances of your marketing message. Working with an internet marketing solution company can provide a great opportunity to get an upper hand on the competition.


In a time of heightened corporate social responsibility, it is essential that brands are open with their customers. This should be a staple of ethics regardless of the cultural climate but especially during a pandemic. People are scared and are looking to be reassured that they are making the right choice when choosing which brands to buy from.

Vogue Magazine spoke on transparency in regards to brand and supplier relationships. “They are taking steps to open themselves up to stakeholders for scrutiny, stand up and agree to be held to account for some of the claims that they are making about how they are managing and what their impact is on people’s life and the environment.”

The coronavirus has placed a focus on where products are coming from as customers are now more cautious than ever. Companies that have made ethical choices are succeeding while pressure is being put on those who have improvements to make.

Transparency not only benefits the consumer, but the employee as well. Squaremouth, a Florida based software development company, is a great example. They have been named one of the best places to work by Inc. Magazine and the Tampa Bay Business Journal and they attribute part of this success to their dedication to being transparent. When COVID-19 hit, Squaremouth’s sales dropped 90%. However, they pledged to maintain the employment of all current employees for the duration of the pandemic. Although a financial burden for the brand, good employee relations is received in such a positive light by today’s consumer that it can make up for the deficit.

When organizing a digital marketing strategy, keeping customers in the loop should be a top priority in terms of the brand message.

Specials and Promotions

While everyone is locked inside passing the time browsing the internet, take the opportunity to spread brand awareness. Create a promotion to distribute to potential customers. This is a great time to venture into PPC (pay-per-click) advertisements. Create a campaign through Facebook and start to broaden your customer base. Summer has just arrived, consider promoting a summer sale or something of the sort. You can segment this advertisement to only reach individuals who have not shopped with you before.

It is also wise to stay relevant and engage with prior customers. If you would like to do so, you can create an additional campaign to retarget them. By re-engaging with consumers who have already shown an interest in your brand, you begin to develop brand loyalty and form a lifelong customer.

Consider consulting with a company that offers an internet marketing solution service for assistance.

Ask For Feedback

As mentioned prior, due to the coronavirus many individuals have more time on their hands than they typically do. This is a great time to reach out and ask prior customers for feedback on their experience with your brand. Not only does this help re-engagement tactics and put your company back in their mind, but it can help with future digital marketing campaigns as well.

According to TurnTo, “81% of consumers will pay more for a product with reviews.” and “Reviews are the most crucial part of the purchase decision for 90% of US customers.” What does this mean for you? The number of reviews your business has directly correlates with how many sales you will have.

Testimonials can be sourced in many different ways. Email and social media are very common channels to utilize. One of the greatest advantages of receiving feedback through social media, especially if it is positive, is it provides the opportunity for your brand to be on the feed of the respondent’s followers (free advertising!). Once your company is notified about the testimonial, it is advised that you respond, thus initiating the feedback loop. The feedback loop works great for positive feedback as well as negative because it gives the brand an opportunity to diffuse a potentially disastrous situation.

Embrace Change

If you have been running a business for a while and are used to a consistent flow of operations, COVID-19 has most likely put a wrench into things. Instead of getting frustrated, take this time to engage in new practices. The coronavirus has fast-tracked the world’s transition into utilizing digital tools. Take some time to think about new methods of promoting your products or offering your services.

A great example is a transition to virtual classes. For example, If you own a gym and have not been able to allow guests entry, consider creating online classes. This has been a great resource for many individuals while they are unable to access environments that have been part of their daily lives. In addition to maintaining your business, consumers are appreciative of brands that go the extra mile to satisfy their needs during difficult times.

Getting Started With Internet Marketing

Many steps in creating the perfect digital marketing plan can be overwhelming for business owners. Don’t hesitate to reach out to an internet marketing solution company for help. These businesses can help establish proper methods for receiving and maintaining customers. Through SEO, social media development and a good brand image, your company’s success can be carried to the next level.