Finding ways to generate new content can be difficult. Thinking outside the box and generating ideas for your audience is important when it comes to creating content. Even experienced content marketers struggle to find ways to create new content.

Many people find keeping a notebook on hand is essential to record new ideas as they strike. However, what do you do when you seem to be stuck? Well, we are here to help you come up with new ideas to generate informative, unique, inspirational content for your audience.

Here are 10 ways to help you get outside the box and start creating more content! If you are looking for new content for your blogs, YouTube, social media account, or podcasts this is the article for you.


Google Search Suggestions

imageGoogle search suggestions are a great way to start when looking to create new content.

For example, if you are looking for new ways to expand your content marketing Google will give you relevant search results as well as ideas to kick start you into creating more content.

image1Google will also give you relevant results related to the topic you are searching for.

Engage With Your Social Media Followers

image2Engaging with your social media followers and knowing what they are seeing and doing is important to creating new content. With social media, there are so many ways to engage with your followers directly such as conducting a poll on Instagram.

It can be as simple as asking your followers a simple question about your product or service making them want more.

Whether you have a large or small following on social media it can be beneficial to your brainstorming process to know what your followers are talking about.

Reddit Keyword Research Tool

image3This is a great tool to find new content ideas. You are able to see what people are searching for on Reddit that relates to your keywords. This shows you the monthly search results as well. This is beneficial to creating new content ideas because you are able to see exactly what people are searching monthly and how popular those searches are.

Product Reviews

Reviewing recent products you have found is a unique way to create content. Your followers are always looking for new products or services that they may enjoy. Many influencers and bloggers have dedicated their entire social media accounts to product reviews.

Amazon is a huge place to review and demonstrate products to increase engagement and activity when it comes to new content. There are so many different ways to do this such as writing a blog, posting a video demonstrating the product, or writing about the experience you had with the product.

image4TikTok has become a large platform for this as well. Many users have accounts dedicated to “must-have Amazon products/gadgets.” Sometimes you don’t even need to own the product to write a review or blog about it. By looking up the product online you are able to start a discussion or write a blog about it based on other customer reviews.

Inspiration From Pinterest

image5If you are looking for a great way to inspire new content Pinterest has you covered. Pinterest, along with Google gives you different suggestions that go along with the keywords to come up with new content for your followers.

Anywhere from starting a blog about different Holiday decoration DIY (do it yourself) or inspiration for decorating your home or office space from Pinterest images.

Analyze Existing Content Through Google Analytics

Before you start brainstorming new content ideas go through old content and see if there is a way to repurpose or use existing content and analyze how this content performed.

Google Analytics is the best tool to analyze existing content. By analyzing how different content performed you are able to curate future content to what your followers enjoy interacting with. 

For example, Google Analytics will be able to determine if your DIY on making holiday decorations performed better than your must-have Amazon products. It is important to pay attention to what your audience enjoys so you can continue making content that they enjoy. 

You VS Your Competitors  7

Comparing your content to your competitors’ content is a great way to find new content ideas. Chances are, you have a similar audience that you are targeting. See what is working for them and how you can repurpose this content. 

Comparing how well or unwell your competitors’ content will allow you to come up with ideas of how you can improve your content so you are not making the same mistakes as your competitor. 

Blog Comments

By reviewing and even commenting back or interacting with the comments you have received on social media shows your audience you care and want to communicate with them. Oftentimes your followers may even comment on new things that they want to see on your content. 

Ask Your Audience What Content They Want

This is the most efficient and effective way to create new content. It is so simple and will often generate so many ideas that you would never have thought of without the help of your followers. Some ways to do this could be: 

  • Creating a short survey for your subscribers 
  • Use social media polls
  • Create a post 
  • Make a contest 

These are all great ways to engage with your audience as well as create new content. 

Create Seasonal Content

With the holidays just around the corner, seasonal content is very relevant. Seasonal content allows you to open up a new niche or target a new audience you were not previously involved with. With seasonal content, it is important to create appealing content for the niche that you are involved in. 

Overall, when you are looking for new ways to create content ideas, think outside the box. Sometimes just asking what your followers want to see more of is a great place to start. Remember, that no idea is too big or too small to accomplish.